Dogecoin Trading Sideways: Elon Musk, Robinhood, and Baby Doge?

In this video I look at the current trading of Dogecoin, another Elon Musk Dogecoin tweet, Robinhood IPO news about Dogecoin, and take a quick look at Baby Doge.

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  1. Dogecoin trading sideways … yawn?


    Join Webull – now trading Dogecoin

    Get 1 free stocks (limited time) for just signing up with Webull and then get another free stock if you fund your account with at least only $5.

    Upshod Merch!

    Can send a tip to my Doge wallet:


    Upshod Lounge Discord Server:


  2. I think Elon knew exactly what he was doing with that Baby Doge tweet, just as with "??=?".
    Maybe he gets a giggle out of dropping such tweets before he falls asleep, then see what happened in the meantime while having breakfast the next morning. ?

  3. I think Robin Hood trying to IPO right now it’s going to be a bad thing for them. I have a feeling they are going to tank unless they figure out how to do something about the wallet before IPO

  4. The market will be bullish/bearish through the summer, but as the fall comes and we move our way to the end of the year the market will skyrocket. Baby Dogecoin will make a lot of people a lot of money, especially when Elon accepts it for Tesla!

  5. Polytopia:
    A Game, The Battle Of Polytopia – Moonrise.

    Elon is pumping MoonRise coin.

  6. I suspect Elon is relaying his son's whims and fancies. And what better way to make an easy 100x as a Giga Influencer, than to buy low & Tweat a low profile coin. Surprised other hig profilers are not doing it

  7. Crypto bear market or winter is imminent. One small leg up coming before market goes dormant again.
    My advice, sell in this next leg up and lock in your profit.
    And don’t give me that bull? of long term hodling and whatever.
    We are here to make money, not to put it under the mattress.

  8. Bull market is over….crypto winter is imminent.
    There might be a small leg up, but not close to ATH.
    The manipulation taking place is keeping everything at bay as they make profit this way, not in a bull run, you just don’t want to understand that.
    Dogecoin continues to be on a downtrend that hasn’t stopped since May.
    Dogecoin traded sideways when it was at 5 cents but not anymore.
    Lower highs everyday and lower lows as well.
    The last dip to 16 cents means it can go all the way down back to 6 cents where it was before it pumped.
    All this ‘breakout coming soon’ has been happening since the 40’s….
    We might get above 30 cents for a bit and then will go back down.
    We must accept that the unlimited supply does not help, because it takes too much money to push it up.
    Unless Dogecoin really develops a use case, I doubt we will see the 75 cents again, even worse the $1 mark.

  9. This comment is for anyone who stumbles upon it. If you begin having doubts about Dogecoin and you're thinking about selling, that's the most crucial time to hold.

  10. There is a baby shark coin too for your info…I put in $180 and have gained 1 billion coins from transactions for free in 1 week its worth the risk for me…only crypto making me money at the moment I have 158 billion baby dogecion and I'm upabout 65%

  11. The doo doo doo do doo tweet is because he's a new father. He has a daughter with amber Heard lol. He tried to get the eggs destroyed and failed and well now it's congratulations you were the richest man and now amber will be the rishest woman

  12. I just have to say that ya'll put his every tweet and pull out cryptic codes from his tweets …and then when he says baby doge doo doo doo….now he doesn't know what he's talking about….ok….??????

  13. Great video.thank you Upshod, for the updates. I believe Musk tweet doesn’t pump the market anymore will add challenges and pressure on him and let him do something like accepting doge for Tesla or something else ???

  14. i dont see dogecoin rising up without direction and integration with some greater functionality, getting further away from Elon Musk's tweet and the dilution of his messaging, as he's an imperfect messenger. There's too many bs coins out there, everyone has one so irony is needed again to save dogecoin for it to stand out.

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