Dish Satellite Technician Work Day Full of Trouble Calls

Hey! I uploaded this because my friend, who is a customer support representative for Dish Network wanted to see what me as a technician does out in the field. This day was all trouble calls however I did get a new connect filmed from start to end that I will edit and upload later on. Check back on my channel if you’d like to see it. Thanks for watching!


  1. Dish networks sucks, and that hopper name is stupid as hell. If u like it Goin off every time it sprinkles go ahead.

  2. What are the requirements to get a job like this? I'm considering something like this while I'm in collage

  3. You know I never thought about putting the component location in the site work. I'm gonna start doing that from now on.

  4. I worked for dish as tech rep chat for 7 years and this is the first time i saw a tech on site in action ❤️, hopefully we can see a custom work order for moving dish hehe

  5. I went to house in a suburban area that has full of shits. Literally full of cat and dogs shit everywhere in the house and outside the house…eww….
    If you can't make any sales, they'll probably let u go at some point!!!!

  6. My first day on my own tomorrow. Trying to get as much knowledge as possible. Because I'm very worried.

  7. Those hubs are neat. I used Check Switch a lot. I liked the diag screens for the LNB, Satellites, and transponders. Being it’s Circular polarized the polarity didn’t matter.

  8. I'm a dish tech 1 I look at these videos to get other tech perspectives currently waiting on my dish tech 2 promotion great video !