DISH Network 2018 Review | DISH Satellite Prices, Packages, Channels, and More


Today we’re reviewing DISH’s satellite TV service, and we have a lot to say. Check out our full review at

We really like DISH, even in 2018’s highly competitive market with other players like DIRECTV, and many cable TV providers. Here, we’ll talk about DISH pricing, packages, channels, customer service, and more.

We know that the customer service can be a bit lackluster in the entire industry, but if you have that expectation going in, and once you factor in the decent pricing and the excellent Hopper 3 DVR system, it’s a really slick experience.

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  1. MY WARNING TO PEOPLE. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DISH!!!! THEY FIRST SENT ME THE WRONG RECEIVER (it only recorded 3 shows at a time I was supposed to get the better receiver with the package, and they wanted to charge extra for the receiver I was supposed to get in the first place), THE SERVICE WAS TERRIBLE ( it would freeze up, reset constantly, the images would pixalate, customer service was terrible, extremely long hold times, constant exhausting sales pitches. ) When I finnaly canceled my service, Dish network took a disconnect fee from my bank account that was unauthorized. I switched to Spectrum they will buyout your dish contract. They send you boxes to return your recievers, but they charged me for the recievers before I even received the boxes to return them, and the also took money from my bank account for that. I disputed these changes it's taking months to resolve this.

  2. Dish is very disrespectful, ignorent, and outrageous in prices, no one in the RIGHT mind would pay $30 or even $20 for a rental movie, it's not right and I think they deserve to be sued for their ignorence.

  3. Motherfucking sons of bitches wonderful system but how in the hell do I play all of my sign felt God dammit don’t make it so fucking hard to play my entire list of SeinfeldIf I have 50 Seinfeld I want to play them all don’t make it so hard to figure out

  4. I was going to order a movie, Mulan but dish network wants 29.00 I think it is ridiculous wtf are they thinking they keep that up I’m canceling altogether. What a rip-off

  5. Not worth $10.00 a month nothing but Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Reruns Year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year !

  6. These bastard's should be in prison for Fraud an looting for same old Reruns year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year !
    skyrocketed Price's
    lousy service !

  7. Rerun's Rerun's Rerun's Rerun's bastard's they overcharging customers for lousy service and same old Reruns year after year after year after year after year !

  8. Just dumped Dish due to their constant price hikes, lousy signal and shitty customer service. NEVER AGAIN…I'll install an analog antenna awray before I give these pricks another dime..

  9. I have a question for Dish. Why do you load your packages with stuff I don't want to watch? And now a comment; I would happily trade fifty of the programs you provide for a few that I might watch, ciao!

  10. Dish, these dipwads, have to have my super secret number before I can ask them what time it is, how sad.
    My question to these limp-brains was simple.
    on one of their station, in this case My-TV had a yellow screen for quite a while.
    I was wanting to know, at that time if it was on dip-wads end, or the Me TV stations end?
    If my question would have been about my account I could have easily understood.
    Sure, it difficult to obtain educated employees, certainly large companies come-up with Shyte-for-brains rules.
    This could have been a good time for some educated employees, at least explain why they have to have my secret number and handshake, just to give me the time of day.
    What a dip-shyte company.

  11. The devil is in the details. Review didn’t cover any info I was looking for… you can get the info of this video in 10 seconds on Dish’s site.

    What I want to know is “the experience” … what’s good, what’s not … that after signing up I either say “this is great” or “I made a huge mistake.”

    Some cable companies I have seen have HORRIBLE menu systems, guides, features that make everyday use a painful and dissatisfying chore. DirecTV redid their menu system which sucks, their Genie Stop/Pause/FF/RW operation is the worst. Every time I try to go back and pause to show my wife something on HGTV you can NEVER get it to stop on the right scene.

    It’s the user experience that should be the driver of a Review. You covered none of it.

  12. My parents signed up for dish network satellite television back on 01-05-2006 and they stopped becoming dish network satellite television customers on 12-31-2015 after 9 years.

  13. I ask, why do they argue, just give me my money back.
    …or, as in the days of old, give me your daughter, I promise, I'll take as good care of her as you did with my trust.
    Keep in mind, I paid up front….

  14. the meantime, I want my money back.
    and, NO, I was not able to enjoy…
    let's look up other legal definitions and judgements they are not bound too…

  15. you folks must be children, easily swayed by impossible dreams.
    You stay around long enough, you'll find your dreams are never known, but, they will allow your extra effort (recognized by your peers)
    ..but, never to be realized.
    We appreciate your labors, but, I will take credit for your work.
    ….you may leave now….

  16. A true story: I bought into their net work, the sales person informed me that it would only cost me $50.00 per month and that I would also get HBO for free for three months. I was in a good mood that day so I decided to change over to them. Now I was extremely busy at the time , so when I received any bills I would just pay them . I am not sure but I believe the following month I seen a bill from them that was $150.00. Thinking at the time that I had forgot to pay them for three months, I promptly sent them a check for said amount. This went on all summer long, each month. Winter time is the slow time of the year for my business, so the next bill I actually look into it further. Discovered they had jumped the cost to me to $150.00 per month. Called them and complained to them, with no deduction in the payments, I also was told that if I canceled it would be $450.00 to end the contract with them. I asked them were was their gun? It certainly seemed as though they were robbing me. Well I ate the $450.00 and promptly canceled them. Then they had the audacity to make me send all of their hard ware back to them, so I decided to sent them a bill for doing just that. It took me at least Two hours to do so' plus I had to drive to the nearest FEDEX store to ship it back to them. So I decided to send them a bill for my troubles of a $175.00, with late fee's if they did not pay. Now I bought a antenna and watch it , and if I want to see a movie I just go and rent one. Much better deal , instead of watching 16 year old movies or older.

  17. The latest rip off from Dish is that if you have a recorder hooked up you will not be able to use it unless you have a current account with Dish. The equipment is mine but I cannot use it! Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Directv is way better than dish !

    I used to have dish and was not happy with dish network's quality.

    Now I have directv and directv's quality is on point compared to dish. Directv is really fast and much better than dish for sure. If you're looking for best in class picture quality. You'll be pleased with the pristine viewing quality of DIRECTV'S 4K programming.

    DIRECTV also offers a few exclusive program options you won't find anywhere else. Most notably: NFL Sunday Ticket.

  19. I was told i call too much because i called about a missing credit… been with them for 5 yrs they threaten to cancel me. Corporate called and i get a voicemail everytime. Fk dish

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