Did C-Band Actually Make Verizon's Network Faster? | #61


Stetson and Dennis talk about if C-Band actually improved the average speeds on the Verizon network, Starlink hitting 100+ Mbps download speeds, the Galaxy S22 FE rumored to be using a MediaTek chip, and more. Subscribe now – ⬇ SHOW MORE ⬇

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BestPhonePlans Podcast is a show dedicated to explaining and un-complicating the world of telecom. Come hang out with hosts Stetson Doggett and Dennis P, who share over 6 years of experience in the telecom industry, as they chat about what’s new in wireless, explain key concepts and ideas, and answer interesting questions asked by the audience.

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  1. FYI it's not c band it's S band ! The fcc lied and there is no such thing as andrama spectrum it's n77 !!!! calling it that is only making you look like a fool don't fall for the fake names, C band is 4ghz to 8 ghz

  2. Yes n77 is making a huge difference and when 200 mhz gets done it will be real 5G nationwide, in my area I tested 2 new sites , get 500 down 100 up ping 14 used to be 100 down 18 up ping 27

  3. Was in Vegas last week and vzw uw was spotty and very underwhelming. At the Venetian in my room I was getting 1 down vzw, 28 down att, and 180 with tmo. I was at the strip and around town too in dense areas. Even saw two att mmWave nodes but none for vzw

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