Dent Coin and SpaceX Starlink Getting To Moving Vehicles

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  1. 0.0016 is a posibility near march 25. I was right about that move happing this week. The graphs are your friend in a bull market.

  2. Thank you for all of your daily updates! Big fan of your content my friend. Ill see you at the yacht parties! 🛥🏖 Lets go Dent!! 🙌🏻

  3. DENT is the new world esim supplier, big news yet to be announced, Elon Musk is looking at esim technology and DENT is the only esim provider, watch DENT coin.

  4. can you help me with the answer to the questions. what will happen to dent when they throw all 100 billion coins on the market? official chat dent – for questions blocks. it is the worst community in the crypto world. and the second question. dent says they have 26 million users. to the question – how many are real?- they are silent. if in fact there were 26 million users, then there would be at least 1 million people on YouTube and in chats. why there is a maximum of 100 views on YouTube.

  5. We bought DENT, because whilst Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano may only do a 5-10x from its current price, DENT has potential to do a 50X🚀🚀

  6. Dont need starlink to believe in DENT !
    Think a reasonable price prédiction is 0.01-0.10 in 2025

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