Creme Brulee ft. Elon Musk Flamethrower


A crème brûlée is a dessert so decadent and rich that you can’t have it too often. I felt that, given we just passed TWO million subscribers and it happens to be my birthday today, it’s completely fair to indulge. Crème brûlée actually translates to ‘burnt cream,’ which is a decent–but not perfect–explanation as to what it is. A good crème brûlée consists of a creamy, smooth custard base spotted with vanilla beans, neatly topped with a sweet, hard crust of caramelized sugar.

Now, there are a few things we should discuss that are a bit out-of-the-box in this video. First, the fact that I’m sending one of you to a 3 Michelin Star dinner for two. I’m going to put all the fine print below, but in summary I’ll be paying for a trip for two people to go experience the restaurant of their dreams. I want to hear your stories. Why you want to go. Who you’d bring. Where you would go. Anything else you think may be relevant…but please keep it short and sweet! I’m going to have the winner send a clip of their experience and share it in a video down the road.

Also, I think it’s important to note here that we used an actual flamethrower to torch these. It’s the Elon Musk ‘Not a Flamethrower,’ and I had to be safe and keep the flame to a minimum, but it was certainly a fun experience. This will officially be our go-to piece of equipment whenever we need to torch things from now on. It’s a gift not really to myself, but to our channel as a whole. If you ever think of cool additions like this, please absolutely let me know in the comments below.

Crème Brûlée Ingredients:
5 egg yolks
3/4 cup granulated sugar
3 cups heavy cream
1/4 tsp salt
1.5 tsp vanilla bean paste (or extract)

Giveaway Terms + Conditions: Giveaway includes $1,500 to one winner selected by me, which is what we have deemed will cover travel and dinner for two. Winner will be announced on a YouTube video in May or June of 2021. Must be 18+ to win. No purchase necessary to enter to win. Entries that don’t follow will be disqualified.

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  1. III Forks, Pèchè, and Garrison. I would take my bf to the restaurant. After getting through the Texas Storm, no water for a month, a hole in the kitchen ceiling for 2 months, and finding out his cousin have stage 4 cancer, and his mother having her gallbladder burst but wasn’t able to see a doctor for a month later because she caught an infection from not being treated soon enough. He needs a little break from his reality and needs to have a sit back and relax moment. Also I’m now thinking of making creme brûlée for bdays now

  2. I would go to Gordon Ramsay's steakhouse in Kansas City with my mom, because she gave me the best childhood she could raising me by herself

  3. I would love to go to Le Cinq in France and bring my brother. My brother has always been a guiding light in the face of darkness and was able to help me become who I am today. He has continued to help me choose my academic path and helped me think about what I want to do when I grow up. This pandemic has been a challenging time for a lot of us but my brother especially has beared a tough burden. Since he is older than me he has had to try and finish college quickly and help pay off my tuition as well which has left him with little time for himself. I would love to go somewhere with him so he can get some time to relax. Even if I don't win I hope the person who does really enjoys the experience. Thanks and congratulations on 2 million!!!

  4. Hello Nick, I would go at The Inn at Little Washington with my wife. Why? because it would be just for my wife. I think she deserve it. She is such a great person and she does so much for me.
    It would the best gift I can have for her. Knowing I could probably never afford it

  5. I would love to take my wife to bull and bear in Orlando Florida. My wife and I really respect all the effort and time that goes into making a Delicious cuisine and this is a place we have always wanted to go to. Love your videos! Thank you for your content!

  6. I’d take my dad to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. My dad wanted to become a chef but didn’t get the chance to and Gordon is my favorite chef of all time.

  7. I would go to Bacchanalia with my mom because she has had a really tough 2020 and 2021 due to surgeries to I really want to do something special for her.

  8. I am in Dallas and would love to go to “the silver fox” I would take my girlfriend to go and celebrate us graduating since we didn’t the year before and I thought it was a huge milestone for us

  9. I would go to a fancy restaurant in Minneapolis Minnesota but the twist is Nick gets to pick which restaurant I should go to also I really want to go to a restaurant because my parents are both frontline workers I have done a lot this year and been through a lot this year and this would just be an absolute blessing?

  10. Hello My name is Chinelo Ileje. I would want to go to Jeju Noodle Bar in New York. I watch this video that this restaurant got a Michelin Star. The food looked so amazing. I want to go meet chef Jane and tell her she is awesome. I would take my sister because we haven't spent much time together due to her school.

  11. I would take my teacher to le bernadin in nyc I owe her the last 8 years of my education and would like to show my gratitude

  12. I would like to take my wife at Kim Joinie-Maurin’s Al Mahara in the tallest bldg in the world at Dubai (where we are currently based), it will be a good reward for us since we are newly wed and new to the "living together" thing since we are in ldr for more than 2 yrs, and we haven't tried eating in a fancy resto since our wedding.

    P.S Happy Birthday Nick

  13. I always wanted to enjoy something special like being abroad in Asia or going to a nice restaurant with my close family. But if I win I would take this opportunity to go dining with my girlfriend. Right now she is everything in this world for me and she helped me throughout the last 4 years. Believe me 4 years with me isnt easy. I'd like to go either in Lecture located in London or Osteria Francescana. I'm closely watching these two restaurants for a long time. Believe it or not in both of those restaurants there are cooks from my home country. I wanted to go there but i just didnt have enough money throughout my life, and I wanted to give my girlfriend a special bit of love. It would be just amazing to surprise her with something like this. Love your content keep it up! Congratulations on 2 million subs, I hope you can make more of these amazing videos about cooking for a long time!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Nick! My Mom’s Birthday was 5/19 as well, she would’ve been 93 this year. Hope you have a great time in Miami and enjoy! I would go to Alinea, Eleven Madison Park, or The Inn at Little Washington. I have never been to Chicago and a huge fan of Chef Achatz, going to NYC and eating at Eleven Madison focusing on locally sourced ingredients with emphasis on simplicity sounds amazing. The Inn at Little Washington sounds “so good it makes you cry”, I boo hoo easy. I would take my husband, we were married 10 years this past New Years Eve and I think because of the pandemic we weren’t able to celebrate as much as we would’ve wanted to. ????

  15. Hi Nick, Happiest Birthday to you and I hope you had a blast. Also I would like to thank you for sharing your blessing with us.

    I would like to take my partner for 4 years to Kusina (Kitchen) a restaurant in Hilton Manila Hotel.

    His name is Julius Paloma, and I would like to treat him there because:

    1. He’s been my family for 4 years now because he was disowned by his father during his younger years. From there he work really hard to prove to everyone that he can do it even with no support of his family.
    2. I see him in his worst and even if everything is falling he always filled the surroundings with joy and assuring me that everything will be okay. That’s how he’s so optimistic about life.
    3. I never get the chance to do something special for him due to finances. But even if, he always surprise me with anything just to show he loves me.
    4. He takes care of me and even my family. Even if he’s tired at work he still is happy to help me the best way he can with no complaints.
    5. He has been discriminated for countless times at work but he didn’t hold any grudges and still continue to face life at work with smile on his face.

    I can go on and on and give more reasons why. I am not even sure if this post will be chosen but I would like to let everyone know how special my partner to me and I will do everything to make him happy. He sacrifice a lot not just for me but for his own happiness just to thrive and I believe he deserve a good meal in a great restaurant. I wish I could send pictures with our dogs to you. ?

  16. id want to go to the chef's table with my so! it would be a bit of a drive as we are in canada but definitely worth it. Its almost our 2 year anniversary so a nice dinner would be great to celebrate it!

  17. I would want to go to Masa in NYC for the 3 Michelin star restaurant I would take my mom with me and my reasoning behind it is because I want to make my mom happy after being in quarantine for so long I would just want to surprise her and I feel like it would lift her spirits and make her very happy 🙂

  18. I don't really know any 3 star restaurant, but I love your content, anything in the UK . I would take my mom as she has always made the best dishes.

  19. Hello Nick and Crew, I am a portuguese student taking a degree in gastronomy in Coimbra College becouse food has been my passion all my life. The restaurant i would choose probably would be The Yeatman gastronomic restaurant becouse is the best rstaurant in portugal and i would love to work there, but first i need to taste it :p ahah. The person that i would choose to come with me is my mom becouse she always supported me although she does not understand the concept of fine dining and i wanted to have the chace to show her what im giving my life for. Happy Birthday Nick and thanks for making someone happy regardless if it is me 🙂

  20. Idk where I would go but I’d bring my dad today’s his birthday and he’s been depressed since my grandma passed almost a year ago he’s turning 55

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