Court unseals Blue Origin lawsuit against NASA over moon mission


Court unseals Blue Origin lawsuit against NASA over moon mission

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  1. The US military is criminal because it kills the children and women of Yemen. And everyone who cooperates with the American army is a murderous criminal.
    Islam is the path of truth.China is a criminal state that oppresses innocent Muslims.

  2. NASA's top official now says the Blue Origin lawsuit could delay human return to moon. So what? Why is landing peple on the moon by 2024 so vitally important? Landing a human on the moon by 1969 was a matter of national pride and bruised egos. America had watched in humiliation as each of its early rockets crashed and burned on the launch pad while a sarcastic Kruschev asked Eisenhower if he needed some help. Things went from bad to worse after the early successes of Sputnik and Gagarin, it begame a game of oneupmanship to prove that America was not a distant, second-rate, technology behind Russia in the design and construction of rockets and space hardware (JFK started this race but died many years before America crossed the finishing line). Bottom line – what amazing things could a modern astronaut do on the moon in 2024 that Buz Aldrin and his associates could NOT do back in 1970? Fill some party balloons with Helium-3?? 30-40 years ago NASA's shuttle program was "underwhelming" to say the least – military objectives aside, reusable components didn't reduce costs and strict quality control didn't avert two disasters? NASA's efforts seem quaintly pathetic compared to the recent achievements of private enterprise. Why doesn't NASA go back to first principles and make its case for continuing to exist at all? Why doesn't NASA logically redefine its mission statement when the private entrepreneurs clearly seem to be overcoming their technical challenges better than the government bureacrats are running NASA? Why does NASA keep making climate predictions of runaway global warming when the NOAA should be doing that job? How is NASA smart enough to be overseeing the management decisions of the private, high-tech sector who's shareholders have so much skin in the game? NASA eventually bested the Russians in the 1960's but can it outsmart the Chinese in the 2020's? I doubt it. BTW Why did Obama call climate change an impending armageddon for mankind and then, just 3 months later announce a hugelyy expensive program to put a tiny colony on Mars? Where were Obamas priorities, where was his head? was this cognitive dissonance or cranioproctisis? Is somebody out there smart enough to answer all my questions? No BS.

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