Could Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launch mark a new age for commercial spaceflight? | Nightline


The Amazon founder and three other civilians took off and landed back on earth within 10 minutes. The trip has ignited questions about whether it was simply a joyride for the super-rich.




  1. Epic respect goes out to the FAA for pissin on Bezos parade by clarifying the definition of Astronaut. Sorry bozo but you’re still just an earthling

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  3. This morning, jeff as the richest person on Earth boarded a reusable rocket he dreamed up and funded, launched to the edge of space to experience a few minutes of weightlessness, and then came 💖💖 congratulations 🔥🔥🔥 love it….i want yo experience too….lol❤

  4. They keep saying this is good for the future for space civilization, yeah you guys are right !!! But only for the rich!!! Wake up people

  5. A 15min "Circus" stunt does not an astronaut make..all this proves is that money buys hopes & dreams but memories fade just as quick.👽🤫🐨🇦🇺

  6. Amazing! So earth is actually round, who would have thought!!! (Pardon the sarcasm!!) So exciting to see Wally Funk!!! Such an inspiration!! Hope more billionaires keep up with space, forgot about inspiring kids, you're inspiring adults!!!

  7. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the targeted individual program and how thousands of innocent Americans are harassed, tortured, and murdered by the Deep State every year?

  8. Mr. “I didn’t pay taxes” has a lot of nerve thanking Amazon workers and users. In fact that is a good reason not to use Amazon!

  9. No it couldn't. He just wanted to preview the sale that he is having on ugly cowboy hats through Amazon next week😂

  10. Not sure how this marks a new age if the capability is standard to what space flight is. Virgin Galactic has a far more practical approach which can be adapted to travel between cities across the planet.

  11. Could bozos pay people a living wage and give more breaks and warehouse ac instead of flying to Uranus?

  12. This is the same type of people that rips on the average kind of people about climate change and pollution!! They just dumped more pollution into the atmosphere than my whole family ever will in there lifetime!! Great job, now let go get rid of beef and anything that is bad for the climate. We are saving earth!! Lol. Is everyone awake yet?

  13. Breaking News: As rocket returns, Amazon workers shuffle back into place after enjoying 10 minute break.

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