Connecting SafeMoon To StarLink – NEW CLUES

Clues point towards a connection between Thomas from SafeMoon and StarLink via a company called Geometric Energy Corporation.

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  1. what if …….safemoon, starlink and HNT 5G network… are all connected for a mayor global services .😉💯

  2. I'm usually skeptical on the theories but these and Safemoon Tim's videos make a lot of sense. And the retweet by Samuel just makes it even more possible

  3. As deep as you dive, I’m shocked you didn’t find this weeks ago lol, keep digging, I will keep watching!

  4. We all need to let go of whatever TIMELINE sfm gave us prior to the restructure. They have to stage out the product releases.. No two products will be released within 1 month of each other. We may get info and maybe get some reveals. However There will be at least one month between V2 and whatever the next sfm product is..we should just just sit back and enjoy v2.. then sit back and wait for exchange listings.. then sit back and wait for swap pairs. Then sit back and wait for the exchange. And so on and so forth until Pheonix is fully revealed. 🚀 🌑

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