CNN speaks with Jeff Bezos ahead of space flight


CNN’s Rachel Crane speaks with Jeff Bezos and his crew a day before they take flight to the edge of space. #CNN #News

  1. rumor has it he wants to make a safe place for all the democrats when the american people find out how they cheated the election and how joe biden and killemall Harris have destroyed the usa and did it under true intentions.

  2. Humans have put thousands of satellites in orbit. We have many space telescopes exploring the beginning of the universe. We have explored up close the planets of the solar system and landed on a few. At this moment we have a helicopter hovering over the Mars landscape. We have sent two space crafts to deep space beyond the solar system. But somehow a multi-billionaire using this technology to personally float for a few minutes is historic? Something high altitude planes could do for you decades ago. Today I am embarrassed for our species.

  3. Fuk Jeff millions of Americans are suffering wondering how to pay basic bills and his blowing millions on bs stop buying Amazon products and shop locally better for the economy

  4. BLM, there were no black folks in this ship. There was no black folks in flight. Go there in loot and riot, I mean go protest. lol

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  6. I thought liberals were concerned about global warming, yet this guy is generating tons of CO2 just to have a "best day ever" hypocrite.

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