Cluttering 11: Does Elon Musk have cluttering?

Someone asked me…does Elon Musk have cluttering? So, that’s why I made this video. In this video, I talk about all the aspects of Elon Musk’s speech that are similar to someone with cluttering.

Interestingly, in doing research for this video, there are lots of other people…mostly in the comment sections of various compilation video that think that Elon Musk’s speech is best described by cluttering.

Do I think Elon will ever become a spokesperson for cluttering? No. Do I think that he will ever publicly talk about cluttering? No. Do I think he’s bothered at all by his speech? No, but most clutterers aren’t.

Do I think that if Elon got an official diagnosis of cluttering that it would actually help him? No, actually I think his current voice coaches are probably more than enough…but I really wish that speech therapists had something to offer people like Elon Musk. .

  1. I never noticed Elon's clutter until you pointed out to me. Then again I don't think I remember listening to him talk very much before. Great video.

  2. I defintely noticed Elon's cluttering while listening to him speak. He's a great example of someone not letting his speach shatter his confidence.

    Very informative video.

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