China's subtle idea how to copy SpaceX and Blue Origin. It's hilarious.


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  1. The Starship is not a reality yet. The bigger it get the more impossible. Human to build the Starstation or Starcity., should begin with small units. It is the dream get out of hand. It would be MANY MANYyears . Before we can see the result. Starship needs placements of fuel stations, so is this the start or the end of the project. Both are conflicting aspects.

  2. Human start learning from the time in mother’s womb. Everything is new. You can say this is copying. But the achievements depends of this baby’s intelligence. China record all the inventions in their culture. China languages and writings record all the words from the beginning. So Chinese writing did not change for all the thousand year’s history. Even the eating tool of CHOPSTICKS, it memorized the cooked food human rated. Very simple using two sticks pickup food from fire. It is nonsense to argue who is copiers or inventors. Human progression can not be ended. Unless all human does not exist.

  3. NASA has more than 50 years experience for landing on MOON. However. NASA is in competition with China to be first to return to MOON. WHY? And NASA up to now has not placed a communication satellite around the moon. WHY?

  4. Love your shows. Say hello to Jixiuan, we miss her. I hope I spelled her name close to correct

  5. China: "We didn't copy it! Look, our logo is different! "

    PS: The Boeing "Starliner" is a bit of a stretch for a name. I think everyone can agree on "Space Wagon" is more apropos for their contribution.

  6. Good to see you again, buddy…you kind of slowed down with your vids?? ….and missing your wife too…what happened to her?

  7. We worry too much about China copying us that we didn't notice that China has surpassed us in many areas. Give it another decade, and we will start copying China.

  8. It's hilarious that China has to copy/steal intellectual property! IF China was to ever become the global world leader they would just fail! They've shown that they don't have smart enough people to come up with original ideas. Without having someone else to steal from they would go stagnant and sink back into irrelevance! What a pathetic way to live.

  9. Agreed. Competition is good! But you don't get competition if you ensure equality of results. Ensuring equality of opportunity is good. Ensuring equality of outcome is bad.

    Don't worry, Boeing will be able to launch in 2069. Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

  10. While the antediluvian world with its shallow and narrow minded inhabitants look at China's space exploration as a copy cat competition, China's ambition, dream of the century and vision for the future are above the ordinary. As its national anthem states that "Don't think China has nothing, we want to be the host of the world". Its ambition is not confined to this planet or to Mars, they are only a step stone to a greater adventure that transcends beyond this Solar System. China's space exploration is not for competition, she does not care what other countries are doing in their own space projects, she simply concentrates on her own and minds her own business. China's space program is an initiation and precursor to its colossal ambition of interstellar space Long March to another blue planet in Alpha Centauri 4.37 light years away as they believe given the essentials for life, many other blue planets do exist in the Milky Way galaxy and China wants to create a new socialist world in another blue planet without being bullied and humiliated by the self-interest capitalists. China will not cooperate with US in space project as cooperating with US will bring the same old conflicting and traumatic turmoil of this doomed planet to another blue planet. With light speed progress and with exploration cost at a fraction that of US, the first alien landing on another blue planet will likely be Chinese, initiating the dissemination of human species and civilization throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

    China's plan of building a kilometre long space station is to simulate futuristic interstellar space ship equipped with life support system such as vegetable garden and huge water reservoir to facilitate normal shower for taikonauts. The reservoir will be refilled with melted ice captured from asteroids during the interstellar expedition. Asteroids are abundant between stars, they serve like "space gasoline stations" but refills are free. Water and nuclear fuel will generate electricity and oxygen for the space ship. The planned kilometre long space station will be rotational, effectively creating artificial gravity and eliminate weightlessness in space, it is a precursor to a "rotating flying bullet" like futuristic interstellar space ship navigating through space from the Sun to Proxima/Alpha Centauri in the Universal Postioning System (UPS) which uses several bright stars for coordinate reference including Deneb (天津四星 Tiānjīn Si xīng), Vega (织女星 zhīnǚ xīng) and Altair (牛郎星 niúláng xīng) in the Constellation Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila respectively. Along the way Interstellar Relay Stations will be erected between our Solar System and Alpha Centauri to enable instantaneous communication between China's Alpha Centauri Long March No.1 Space Ship and CNSA in China. The planned Taikonauts landing on Mars and construction of Moon base will be the precursors to Chinese taikonauts' landing on exoplanets.

    Chinese marine sailors were very adventurous explorers, they have sailed and explored south China sea 7 times to as far as south of Philippine and as far as Peru in the 12th Century long before any European marine sailors explored the New World. Unfortunately they did not claim the uninhabited Philippine and the adjacent islands for China, also they did not claim Peru for China, Peru was named by the Chinese sailors as 白露 (pronounced Bei-Ru) meaning "White Mist" as the coast was covered by fog, Chinese porcelains were found in Peru. Chinese Space Sailors will again demonstrate China's leadership in interstellar exploration.

    China National Space Administration (CNSA) is developing the ultimate Electromagnetic Propulsion system in conjunction with the current advanced Ion Thruster, the EMPS can potentially accelerate a space ship to 80% the speed of light and can reach Alpha Centauri in 5 years. CNSA will also be developing vertical takeoff and landing space shuttle that will enable landing and takeoff in alien planets without runway and without hefty consumption of fuel. The new blue planet Chinese taikonauts will land on will aptly be named Blue Planet Zhōngguó, meaning a blue planet at the center of Constellation Centauri.

    China is the land of the fierce dragons, Chinese who invented gun powder, paper making, printing, compass, seismometer, silk, alcohol and numerous other contraptions, Chinese who created the world's first planetarium and recorded in detail the explosion of the supernova in the 10th century, Chinese who built the Great Wall of China that can be seen from space have greater power. China's vision for the "New China in another blue planet" will likely has become a reality before the end of this century.

  11. It's a pity Boing just doesn't compete anymore its the same old formula…. rinse and repeat, thes old Companies are so slow to research and think outside the box. I mean starliner is basically redundant and outdated….

  12. During Qing Dynasty they refuse western technology. China learn from their history

  13. Too bad our illegitimate federal government is a Marxist / Globalist nightmare squad. Else it might be possible to petition someone there with an actual conscience to reconsider the assignment of the other half of the contract to Boeing, and to consider ceding it to Sierra Nevada Corp instead.

  14. I'm.. 50 a.n.d m.y. husband 54 we are both retired with over $3 million in net worth and no debt's. Currently living smart and frugal with our money.serving and investing life style in the stock market made it possible for us this early even till now we earn weekly. Thanks to fire movement.

  15. I'm glad common sense prevailed some months ago and saw the elimination of the vocal contributions of Jixuan. There simply was no justifiable cause for such a juxtaposition of accents. To mentally switch from successfully interpreting Sebastian's accent and rendering it into meaningful English expressions, to the completely different mental task of interpreting an entirely different sound from a completely different path of human evolution, and trying to distill english-sounding phonemes from it, was an exercise in mental gymnastics, the level of which is uncalled for in the vast majority of human efforts at communication. I'll rest my case.

  16. With All this censorship and don’t disagree with us media, it’s so hopeful seeing people like Sebastian pushing the truth out there for everyone to read and see both sides.

  17. Christ!! First the solid propellant boosters are ejected. Then the main booster is separated to fall back to Earth and burn up (we hope). Then the emergency capsule rocket flies off into space. Then two shield panels are released into space. Then the secondary booster propels the capsule further into space before it too is ejected into space. Then two more 'panels' are released into space. How am I doing,so far? Then, a module on the capsule is ejected leaving the module to fly to The ISS. But wait, there still more "space junk" to shed on the return to Earth. Boeing's version of Matryoshka. KISS!!

  18. Not worried about China, they already showed there Face to world, and CCP can't hide with Payoffs anymore. Thanks Love info and your Definitely Correct. 👏👍

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