China’s space station reports two emergency conducts to avoid collision with Musk's SpaceX Starlink


China Space Station “Tiangong” has undertaken emergency maneuvers for TWICE in four months, to avoid collision with Musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellites!

The document, China sent to the UN Secretary-General, said the two events happened on July 1 and October 21 respectively.

Both times with Chinese crew members on board which could constitute a danger to the life or health of astronauts’.

China’s “Tiangong” has stayed in a near-circular orbit at an altitude of around 390km on an orbital inclination of about 41.5 degrees since it was launched on April 29.

On July 1, “Tiangong” was forced to conduct an evasive maneuver to avoid colliding with Starlink-1095, which descended from its original 555km-altitude orbit to around 382km and stayed there, since May 16.

In October 21, “Tiangong” is forced to do the same maneuver AGAIN as the Starlink-2305 similarly changed its orbit with an “UNKOWN” strategy.

China said in the note to inform all state parties to FOLLOW RULES when exploring outer space.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest, is the founder of SpaceX which operates the Starlink internet satellites.

More than 1,900 satellites have been launched into space since 2019.

The network plans to have more than 42,000 satellites in orbit when completed.

The project has raised concerns over overcrowding orbit, posing safety threats to other spacecrafts since the start.

SpaceX argued its Starlink satellites, equipped with autonomous orbit changing features, can avoid potential collisions.

While some experts claim such maneuvers can only add risks for they’re more ‘UNFORSEEABLE’.

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  1. If the person in spacecraft going to international space station, the Western media, the lap dogs will scream Chinese agent trying to caused harm.

  2. The Chinese government is bleating about SpaceX's satellites after blowing up a satellite of their own in 2007, sending tens of thousands of tiny, untrackable shards into a dangerous orbiting cloud of debris? What hypocrites!

  3. starlink wants to put 42000 of these satellites in space every 5 years since they only have a working life of 5 years, it will only be a matter of time before Kessler syndrome become an everyday occurrence

  4. PRC legal provisions:
    Sneak attack on the space station is tantamount to attack mainland!Whether intentionally or unintentionally! As long as there is any other satellite impact,We will launch a supersonic missile strike directly against the satellite owner! There is no room for negotiation! Just be careful!

  5. What so strange about that? The americans can come up with any conspiracy to destroy their 'opponent'. First they create an accident then they blame you for that accident! It's as simple as that.

  6. China should fit out its stations with lasers to obliterate Elon's junk. You can thank Elon for starting the space arms race.

  7. 這值得中國學習,下次換中國用快報銷的衛星去撞擊國際空間站或美國重要的衛星

  8. Stupid say : if America doesn't provide us technology, we will build by ourselves
    US patriot say : if we don't provide technology to chinese , they are unable to build properly and error freely within their desired time.
    The time they will take the build their desired output
    We will build something new more advanced.
    Hence they will be left behind.
    Then they will try to steal data from by hacking or by working in us firms.
    We will block that too

  9. China 🇨🇳 jealous because there a fake super power send up them 30000 more satellites 🛰 who cares about there space station shoot it down

  10. Dam made in China satellites malfunctioning and going off course.. typical made in China junk

  11. Both China and Russia working together, need to have a strategy for terminating Starlink satellites if used for hostile military purposes. The “providing internet access from anywhere on earth” is a weak cover story and there will surely be military applications for these satellites. I believe the latest design has laser communications; you can see what the U.S. military are trying to do in creating a network of satellites with a large amount of redundancy and resistance to disruption. The modern U.S. military is also aware that it cannot function effectively without guidance data and so forth from its satellites. Ground based kinetic weapons might not be adequate or numerous enough to disable this satellite network efficiency, other disruptive systems need to be implemented. SpaceX cannot deploy enough of its latest version of Starlink satellites without the use of Starship, so there is a window of opportunity in which to deploy sufficient anti-satellite systems; I hope China and Russia can work quickly enough to maintain a balance of power, as too much power obtained by one nation is likely to be used as yet another tool for hegemony… Systems are required that can disable thousands, if not tens of thousands of these satellites, if necessary, in the event of any conflict. High powered lasers and energy / particle beam systems, as well as “predator” satellites are likely to be required in any future conflict and also to help prevent future conflicts; to maintain a balance of power going forward.

  12. Gen. John Raymond, US Space Command commander in his conversation with CNBC noted his working relationship with SpaceX in 2009 when he "was a young colonel."

    "I worked in an organization called the Office of Force Transformation," Raymond said. "I was given a project that was known as TacSat-1 back in the day, and it was to get after this new business model in space. It was to build a new satellite really cheap, to build it to meet a specific war fighting requirement and launch it and do all of that within small numbers of millions of dollars," he said.

    TacSat-1 was a very small satellite that the Pentagon intended to launch in 2004.

    "We actually gave Elon Musk his first contract," Raymond said.

  13. USA Empire's puppet-SpaceX is part of USA's "oops we kill people with our fake mistakes" policies

    predictable as the Earth spins around everyday

  14. While the world is celebrating New Year, USA could pull the trigger on either China and Russia at anytime. USA is like a mad dog now.

  15. Keep supporting Tesla for those who does not appreciate how long space scientists has taken to build Tiangong and have no regard for the 3 courageous astronauts safety! Do your part with the direction of your wallet…now! USA do not understand basic respect! Keep invading/busyboding Asia while its own country is in such a mess. No space is big enough for them cuz they want it ALL for themselves! Its time to see through what AUKUS been doing all this while, the stepping up on accusations and trouble-making to hinder China peaceful growth!

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