China sends 7 satellites to LEO, testing out its first 'constellation'


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China on Saturday launched seven satellites from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The LEO broadband communication satellites, each weighing 190 kilograms, were mass-produced by China’s private satellite developer GalaxySpace. Together with the company’s first satellite of its kind that was put into orbit two years ago, the seven satellites make up a testing network to provide uninterrupted low-orbit satellite broadband communication services for more than 30 minutes at a time, becoming a major experimenting platform for China’s satellite internet construction.

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  1. I don't believe story, as world war is our doorstep! This is for something else.

  2. America help Ukraine with weapons and other helps and buy Russian oil to fund the Ukraine war. What a joke on earth is going on. Same is the case of EU. They buy Russian oil and gas with high price and voice support for Ukraine and encourage to fight to the dead end.

    We the people of Ukraine, World are very very fool.

  3. Thank you China ! In stead of spending money on military weapons of taking human lives, you keep on researching and working on technology to improve human quality of life. 
    This is March 6, 2022. A good way to end an unnecessary war. look at the weapons could kill a lot of civilians.Maybe is the prayers get heard!

  4. China launch satelite everyday and succes , Mean while a Jelousy country in the south west launch toilets once time and blow up

  5. Starlinks is so backward lol. Recently 40 satellites falls back to earth is one good example.😆😆😆

  6. Glad to see that Discover China and Catonpillow are the first commentators yet again on a propaganda video. It’s almost as if the CCP send them the videos so they can comment on them before they go public Notice that their posts ALWAYS are at the top of any article and they never move down! It must be costing CGTN a lot of money to make sure this always happens. Propaganda at its finest and only from the CCP.

  7. I hope all nations stop spending too much on Warfare, and use the money in something more beneficial to human civilisation.

  8. China is rapidly progressing in all spheres. Let other countries play their Democracy Freedom Human Rights games

  9. And to think, as recently as 1981, 88% of China lived in poverty.

    Today, only .7% of China live in poverty.

    So, spending on space exploration is justified.

  10. Russian Rocket engines on this baby, maybe one day in the next millennium, China will have the ability to manufacture rocket engines. Back in 1969, China did not even have a military tank, they copied a Russian T62, that they captured in the Sino-Soviet border war. China to this day has been copying Russian, American, Japanese, European tech as they lack the creativity that comes naturally to the rest of the world.

  11. Satellite constellation was preparations for china's 6g to 10g internet connectivity. This was the first step they are making. After the launch of 6g satellite,china will be implementing the 6g technology all over china once the constellation was completed. Moreover, 6g was needed for the lunar based station of china.

  12. While the us /nato are bogged with their unwinnable s hole in ukraine , china is leaping in the the future with their un fathomed technologies….

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