China Plans Megaconstellation Of 13000 Satellite | Starlink Space X | 5G Internet | Space Station


China Plans Megaconstellation Of 13000 Satellite | Starlink Space X Internet Elon Musk Space Station

China plans for ‘megaconstellation’ of up to 13,000 satellites operating in low Earth orbit | Part of the Chinese 5G internet rollout

Main goal of the mission is to establish supremacy in lower Earth orbit | The satellite internet constellation is a top priority for the China in 5G Internet. #5G #internet #China

The United States and its allies believe that this is a plan by the Chinese government to spy on them.

A ‘megaconstellation’ is a network of thousands of satellites which cover the length and breadth of the Earth to deliver internet services. Similar to Space X Starlink, with nearly 2,000 satellites | 498.89 kilometres to 1144.24 kilometres for 5G Internet and Space Station

Fill gaps and solve problems in terrestrial communication using Space Station | Concerns of spying among the western countries

Chinese BeiDou, like US GPS | Chinese Gaofen, for marine disasters, marine environment and water conservation | High resolution like US-keyhole class spy satellites

Amazon and the European Union plans to launch thousands their own megaconstellation

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