China OFFICIALLY Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars by 2033


China OFFICIALLY Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars by 2033.
The race to Mars continues! In a major move intending to set itself ahead of all competition, including Russia and the United States, China just announced that it is planning to send its first crewed mission to Mars by the year 2033. Not only that, but the country also wants to build a permanent station on that red planet and has four more missions scheduled there after its first trip in 2033.

Just like that, China has made a huge statement and has ratcheted up the stakes of the modern space race. You can bet every other country on Earth is jealous and scratching their heads about how they can surpass China and beat them to Mars. Even SpaceX has announced plans to visit the red planet but they are known for having small setbacks that could delay their own mission by a few years. China’s latest announcement will surely give fuel to the fire for not only the US but other countries as well.

The head of the state-owned China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology laid out the grand plans this week at a space conference in Russia. The bombshell announcement comes just weeks after China landed its very own rover on Mars. That feat made them the second country to have a presence on Mars, right behind the United States which has sent a slew of remote-controlled robots to the Martian service.

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  1. 2033 is a good year to go to Mars as it will be a lot shorter journey.
    The US has already validated making Oxygen from Mars atmosphere. Google MOXIE

  2. On balance I think this is good. It'll get Russia and the US moving. I wonder exactly how this will effect Elon's plan to settle the planet. I suspect that if it does happen then it will be a US territory or something.

    The "geo"politics of this is going to be very interesting

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