China Fumes At Elon Musk’s SpaceX Satellites Over Near Collisions With Its Space Station, Moves UN


China has complained of close encounters with Elon Musk’s space programme to the United Nations. SpaceX Starlink nearly collided with the Chinese Space Station (CSS) twice in the past year. Beijing has called on the UN to remind the US to abide by the treaty regulating outer space.
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  1. Apparently there are human in China's space station, but people still think China's complaint is bullshit because they don't care shit about Chinese people's lives, unless those lives can help them with their political bias.

  2. China should bring down Elon's satellite. If he or other countries are not going to show responsibility, then they should be taught responsibility.

  3. considering how china can't control its own borders and invades other sovereign nations' water for illegal fishing, this is truly hypocritical of them to ask for fair usage of resources.

  4. Don’t be happy too early. China also said that it will launch 13,000 satellites in the near future. By that time, backward countries will have no orbits available.🤔🤔🤔

  5. The Chinese government is bleating about SpaceX's satellites after blowing up a satellite of their own in 2007, sending tens of thousands of tiny, untrackable shards into a dangerous orbiting cloud of debris? What hypocrites!

  6. What f**king Chinese government hypocrite bastards! They deliberately target and blow up a satellite in orbit in 2007, dispersing tens of thousands of tiny untrackable shards into an uncontrolkable cloud, and yet they have the audacity to bleat about SpaceX's satellites? …Tough shit for them!

  7. Another us bully , arrogant, inviting war with others by design , us has no respect to any nation using own technology , finance superiority

  8. The space is extremely huge and the satellites are very small," said Elon Musk), and I ask Musk try to pass a 5-lane highway!!!

  9. Its quite simple…..China should take their piece of junk { rusty monkey metal space station } out of the sky……..everyone else was up there before they decided to add to the space congestion…….Oh and stop stealing all of our fish stocks you low life thieves !!!!!!!

  10. China wants yo play by the UN rules but if. Musk causes damage to Chinese space station then SPACEX is history!. May a stray S500 hits SPACEX launch pad!.

  11. legal provisions:
    Sneak attack on the space station is tantamount to attack mainland!Whether intentionally or unintentionally! As long as there is any other satellite impact,We will launch a supersonic missile strike directly against the satellite owner! There is no room for negotiation! Just be careful!

  12. stupid chinese propaganda how can a low orbiting satellites collide with high orbiting space station.

  13. Since that's no space law yet so China should shoot down any satellites if they want..

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