China Edging Closer to Rocket Reusability (2022 Update)


Welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour! As several Chinese commercial launch companies have made some progress over the past weeks, we discuss in this episode the 5 companies which are the most likely to have a shot at becoming a “Chinese SpaceX”.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Comparing Chinese Launch Startups to SpaceX, Blue Origin, Relativity Space
03:02 Landspace’s imminent Launch
04:20 Deep Blue Aerospace & Linkspace’s VTVL Hops
06:37 2 Other Heavyweights: iSpace & Galactic Energy


Credits for various visuals: NASA, Arianespace, iSpace, Landspace, Linkspace, Deep Blue Aerospace, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, Relativity Space, Blue Origin, Space Pioneer, Space Transportation, CAS Space, CCTV

  1. ⚠NOTE: this episode was filmed a couple of days before iSpace failed for the 3rd time (in a row) the launch of their small solid-fueled Hyperbola-1 rocket, on May 13 2022. While iSpace remains one of the best-funded and most solid Chinese commercial launch startups, this is a big setback for the company, especially since the failures of the past 3 launches had different causes every time. It will be interesting to watch if all of this will makes investors lose their confidence in the company, and if there is any effect on the Hyperbola-2 (the Hyperbola-2Z is supposed to perform VTVL hops before the end of the year…)🤔

  2. new subscriber, this is a timely video for me as I was just wondering about the state of reusability in the Chinese space sector. is it known if the state-owned space companies are working towards reusability?

  3. Could you do a video on the Chinese international cooperation on spaceflight? Example: the China-Brazil CEBERs program?

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