Change 2nd Explora satellite settings


When installing a second Explora decoder via Smart Lnb or Switch it is very important to set the Satellite network settings for it to function properly.
Normally this would be then “Extra View”

  1. Sir please how can i link Exprola 3A to Exprola 2A for extra viwe…. please I need your feedback

  2. Hi. Stupid question. If I have 2 x explora 3 decoders and a explora 1 decoder using a dual smart lnb can I have triple view installed somehow?

  3. Hi there. So we have followed this video, but we receive no signal with these user band frequencies for the seconds explora. Tuner 1,2 and 3 don't receive any signal like yours does in the video

  4. My dstv is showing installation wizard have the step up to step 4 am stack in step for what can I do

  5. I want to connect a extra view from existing on decoder how can I do or what must I have

  6. Hi sir i have the first explorer fat one and a 2p pvr connected via sat cr using a smart lnb A to explorer B to 2p pvr sat cr when i put the the 2p on the explorer says no signal how do i change freq do i change on 2p pvr only or the explorer only

  7. If I bought a new explorer,does it open or load same as other ordinary decorders,or do I need to insert special codes

  8. What settings do I change when I connect my old HD PVR (secondary) to my explora 2 (main)? For both to work I need to have both on the same channel, but when I change a channel it just stops working.

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