Can you get StarLink Anywhere? Well Maybe? Kind Of? YES!


So it was time for us to leave the Yuma LTVA near Winter Haven, CA.
We were there for almost 6 months dry camping. Heck, we almost forgot what it was like to have full hookups. But the truth is it’s not that much different with all the Solar we have.

Yet the big test for us was our Star Links system; could we still get it. Yes, but we haven’t figured out how to get our speeds up or even if that is possible.

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  1. Fun doing it yourself ah! All of these people changing address locations. So they can scam the system to get the kit earlier. Are in for what could be a surprise when they get back home. Finding out their actual address is at capacity. As well as the near by cells. They still have to pay the monthly service fee and will not have service. The last I checked StarLink does not allow you to temporarily suspend your service.

    Have you checked to see what Pop StarLink has you connected with? Remember the guy that was connected to Virginia. When he had one closer and once connection was made to that one. His speeds increased to the 200+ range.

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