Can RUSSIA DESTROY STARLINK SATELLITES – elon musk vs. putin in ukraine


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  1. I've had my resistance to solar for a few reasons lifespan, pollution and such but that is the best reasoning for

  2. It didn’t wipe out all of them and it didn’t fry electronics the ION thrusters didn’t have the juice to get them into orbit against solar wind.

  3. Eli the computer crack smoking guy, since he acts JUST LIKE ELON! Huh? Eli doesn’t quite grasp how bad of shape Russia is in, maybe he does. MOST OF THE SMART PEOPLE LEFT, clearly Putin ain’t that smart. Rockets, infrastructure and capability is crap in Russia. The Screw Up country, Russia. You’re right, Eli, but from a communication/tech standpoint Russia is dependent on everybody else.

  4. In the Inter-webs there could be found the News that Russians are going to quit International Space Station. If that would be True, then what the point for them to Destroy anything? unless they would fear that small camera are filming their International Affair for swinging their Organism around.

  5. Putin should just fire jars of rasberry jam at the satellite dishes. It worked in Spaceballs.

  6. Russia has satellite killing rockets.
    Technically yes.
    Economically no.
    1 Tesla rocket launches 60 satellites.
    60 Russian rockets required to destroy them.

  7. Ukrainian here. They went out of Chernobyl not because of radiation, but because of overall withdrawal from the area (or at least we have no evidence to suggest the former was the reason for leaving Chernobyl). They would probably just keep sending troops there if "the big guy" deemed it necessary.

  8. The whole Russia/Ukraine mess is retarded. And no business of anyone outside of those countries, but here we are. On the topic of buying Apple – I refuse to buy ANYTHING they sell. Not because they're expensive, bad, or anything like that (although I have my own opinions on those topics too). I simply hate the restrictions imposed on their users. Windows and Linux for me all the way thank you very much. Plus I hate the iAnything user interfaces in general.

  9. I feel sorry for the poor soldiers that were just doing a job … enlisting in the army because they felt they had no better options … then just earning a paycheck, following orders and now going to die a gruesome death. Incompetent management can and will kill people.

  10. I think an alternative to destroying the starlink satellites that they might try, would be to take control of the starlink satellites, and maybe fry their systems. I doubt it will happen, because it's easier said than done, if it's even possible, but it would be a better strategy than blowing them up.

  11. you mean russia is still a country? i thought they had already surrendered to Ukraine.

  12. Considering that successful orbits are fussy things, a lot of debris is going to fall fairly quickly because it is not in a valid orbit any longer.

  13. Russia is gonna Russia. Well, since Ukraine captured a Krasukha-4, they might not be able to block anything soon.

  14. One report suggested the Russian soldiers were never taught about Chernobyl in school so had no clue what the location was all about.

  15. The solar storm excited the earths atmosphere, the atmosphere expanded which then caused drag on the satellites over and above the thrust of them so they slowed down and de orbited.

  16. Interesting way that batch of Starlink failed… They are designed to handle the radiation and if the radiation gets dangerous, they just shut down until levels are safe. The thin atmosphere is a good insulator so the individual molecules get insanely hot when in the radiation. This causes the atmosphere to expand. In case a satellite is unresponsive, they launch them a bit too low so they will slow down in the thin atmosphere and deorbit on their own. If they respond, they can orient themselves and get their solar panels unfolded and get enough juice to increase their height with the ion engines (that use a lot of electricity to ionize something and shoot it out for thrust… I think they use krypton… Watch out Superman). So, they weren't expecting that thicker atmosphere so the satellites were too close together to unfold their solar panels and losing altitude from air friction so they rotated them for minimum drag and hoped for the best. Some were able to unfold their solar panels in time to gain enough thrust to overcome drag but others couldn't defeat the drag and deorbited. Their new strategy is to not launch as low as that… The unresponsive ones will still deorbit but may take a few weeks instead of a few hours.

  17. I heard the US tried to nuke the atmosphere to test what would happen but idk if its true though

    Plz talk about politics more. Its all good as long as it isnt too biased and un-objective

  18. I don't think a satellite attack is possible, unless a directed energy weapon is used. The use of laser weapons would only work in space, due to diffraction, and other issues regarding pin-point accuracy. High intensity microwave energy may be their best option. Keep in mind, our own XB-71 military drone is in space to conduct these attacks if necessary…They are not up there to detect mass coronal ejections of the sun. Issue is; once used, it's tech is exposed.

  19. Russia should not break USA citizens' property. Starlink can be sniffed and used aganst Azov nazy forces and so on. When it was USSR our satelite sniffers get all information from Appolo with ever less computer availabilities. So i think nobody will destroy Ilon Mask's staff. One NATO client military notebook was achieved near Mariupol, so , I think it was and still used to read all messages from nazy +US side.

  20. You should stick to covering tech news as it relates to geopolitics. Local politics just wont get you your current stats 😉

  21. Starlink satellites did not get fried, what I read was that Solar event cause upper atmosphere to heat up, expanding it, basically increasing its evelope to the point where starlinks were in its range, which increasing drag which the Starlinks could not over come. And I doubt that if they knew this would happen, they would have launched them. Its like they get bad weather report but they say, eehhh , we will launch and see. Maybe they overestimated the satellites potential.

  22. Aye china! Use your satellite killing robot on this pesky starlink!starling! Ain't no one shooting anything down bro
    Shift a bunch of debris this way and that. Robots in space bro. Look it up

  23. Eli.. I want the politics.. especially as we get closer to the elections this year. love you.

  24. There's no spectrum allocation for starlink in Ukraine which means they have no way stopping interference, which means there is no starlink in Ukraine…plus it would cost 100's of millions to put it there and to get your technicians there…which begs the question how are all these videos of civilians getting out into the public. Elon is a genius as usual that's why he's the richest man on Earth.

  25. As owner of Apple stock, i am very happy that Eli is such a well behaved apple customer 🙂

  26. May not need to because QPJ wanting to place another 20% tax increase on targeted Billionaires like Elon ; Elon moves all starlink sats from over Ukraine . That be a slap in the face of the sniffer in chief 😃

  27. They can jam them kind of. trying to hit enough of the consolation to hit enough to degrade the service nope hacking them.. nope.. that won't work.
    They are already trying to jam local GPS and signals to drones because drones are kicking their ass.

  28. So now Elon will have to worry about ruski assassination attempts? At least he'll be reasonably safe on Mars!

  29. I watched an interview with a former secret service member that said when Bill Clinton was in office the biggest threat to his life was Killary because he was a horn dawg lolz something to do with a broken vase and a black eye. Also I would guess this is why the Russians are having to take their time because if they hit these facilities with explosives there is a good chance it would release some really deadly things stored there. And the other evidence to support this is here Personally I have never witnessed politicians squirm so much or so incompetently. So go ahead and keep on believing this administration is working to really help Ukraine or that they give a sh!t about you Mr. & Mrs. John Q Taxpayer cause their ultimate goal is something like this

  30. I don't know. But if they do, he's not going to be buying any more of their rocket engines. In fact he'll start building better ones and run the Russian rocket engines industry into the ground.

  31. Could they jam the Starlink signal over the war theater with their own satillite or ground based jammer?

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