Cable Losing Customers to Satellite over NFL Network

News story in Texas about cable customers switching to Dish and DirecTV so they can watch the Cowboy game on NFL Network

  1. Just two days ago we got a new receiver and satellite for free from Dish Network because our 311 receiver was disconnected. We now have the Wally

  2. @sinnersavedbychrist I agree. Dish gives the local channels with their plain package which my mother and sister has. I have Directv, and they want me to pay for it and I have the main package plus all the movie channels. That is why I installed an HD antenna outside where I could get my local channels free. We have 14 local channels in my area, but the subscription service don't give you all of them.

  3. I have satellite TV, but watch most of the games on my local channels after getting a powerful directional antenna which plugs into the TV. I refuse to pay the fee's which the subscription services want for the extra channels for games. I do have Directv and watch Monday night football on ESPN and that is good enough for me and I don't have to pay extra.

  4. Not for long, when satellite customers find out that you will lose signal during bad weather. Cable does not just lose signal during rain or snow! And this is covered in your act of nature clause in your contract…and they dont issue credits over it either.

  5. They are paying through the nose to watch it at home on satellite. Directv charges about $125.00 for the season package. These companies are charging almost
    $80.00 for general packages and that is too high. I know because I am one paying me over $112.00 a month and I don't have the football package. If you want to watch college sports you pay another large sum for that package.

  6. I work for a cable company and I get free cable, but we don't have any nfl packages. It sucks, but I can't complain for freeness…but nfl would be nice, lol.

  7. DirecTV's Ace in the hole is NFL Sunday Ticket, that alone makes them better than dish network.

  8. o well sorry to here that lol i just no that dishnetwork is cheaper then directv and really i dont no how that happend it ues to be the other way around lol

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