Business wars # 22: Starlink gripped the Earth, a new remote location, who the waiting person is suing, IKEA espionage, etc.


Greetings, members of the resistance! Today we continue our journey into the depths of the universe and at the same time tell you about the most interesting news from the world of business and economics. Today we will talk about such topics as: satellites of the Starlink company have successfully covered space around the Earth, in Moscow again a remote location – how many companies have obeyed the instructions of Mayor Sobyanin? The world-famous Zhdun embarked on the warpath, sending several statements of claim to large corporations at once – what is the essence of the conflict? IKEA has been caught spying on employees and customers for years, several ports in China are paralyzed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 – should we expect a crisis in the supply of goods? The airlines announced an imminent rise in air ticket prices by 30%. This and many other news in our release. Happy viewing! Content: 00:00 – 00:09 – Greetings 00:09 – 01:05 – The French division of IKEA received a fine of € 1 million for spying on employees and customers 01:05 – 02:17 – Almost 80% of companies will continue to work in Sobyanin announced “long weekend” 02:17 – 04:16 – Covid-19 outbreak in southern China paralyzed the work of major ports 04:16 – 05:27 – Starlink covered almost the entire surface of planet Earth 05:27 – 08:18 – More than 5,500 IT companies took advantage of tax maneuvers 08:18 – 09:19 – Russian airlines warned about a possible 25-30% rise in prices due to an increase in airport charges in four regions 09:19 – 10 : 53 – The price of Brent oil has reached a maximum in two years 10:53 – 12:50 – Turkish millers plan to build sites in Russia 12:50 – 13:53 – The head of the Central Bank announced the recovery of the Russian economy 13:53 – 15:28 – The copyright holder Zhdun dragged VKontakte and Ozon to court 15:28 – 16:48 – Rosstat calculated the median salary of Russians for 2020 16:48 – 17:16 – Zak luchenie.

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