BREAKING! SpaceX Wins! Blue Origin Loses Again


BREAKING! SpaceX Wins! Blue Origin Loses Again
#BlueOrigin #SpaceX #Nasa

The US Federal Court of Claims just dismissed Blue Origin HLS Lawsuit

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  1. Great news Zach! That will open the doors widely for SpaceX, NASA will resume all contracts with Space X and Jeff Who will get his sweet & sour lollipop back into his mouth; Bitter, envy and toxic type of guy, he should dedicate his life to help the truckers union or the parcels unions…😂

  2. 2:43 , it is the end for blue origin ever working with nasa again, considering everything that has happened recently it's unlikely they will even ever be allowed to participate considering the trouble Bezos has given them,

  3. BO stinks. They have been behaving like spoilt brats, throwing the rattle out of the pram. Their behaviour has discredited them, and shown those in authority that they made the best choice when they awarded the contract to SpaceX.

  4. Jeff Bozo Who, has been proving time, and time again, that he is a whiny cry baby, and has no real intentions about space, only money. He could have turned out his pockets and funded most, is not all of the space programs he is in, but he is too stingy to do that, meanwhile Elon is self funding SpaceX all the way to Mars. Look at how unprofessional he treated Mr. Shatner upon getting back to earth. Bozo was more interested in a bottle of champagne, than to listening to the sage words of profound wisdom and emotion coming from Mr. Shatner. Jeff Who will be remembered alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

  5. Great news! Nothing like waking up to some positive news like this. But we all know Bezos won't give up…

  6. The "redacted " version probably has words like "Mercury vortex engine" and "electrical magnetism lift and control" involved. Lol
    Good job BTW I subscribed!

  7. There should be a clause that if you don't singe the paint on your vehicle during re-entry then you can't call yourself a space company in any form and you can't vie for NASA contracts. To me Blue Origin's next flight should be to attempt orbit, but if it's another up/down celebrity flight they should at least offer a few other rides for their amusement park. To be fair I do want to see Blue Origins do well and be true compitition for SpaceX, but they have to stop litigating and start having meaningful space flights instead

  8. Hey NASA did you know White is a color, so truly the goal of landing a person of color on the moon has already been done… As far as a woman, just send Caitlyn Jenner and make everyone happy! LMAO

  9. @thelaunchpad Hello Zack! Love the content… only criticism I have is I wish you put out more videos! Seriously though, great channel…I love your live streams. Anyways, I think BO lost focus of their goals and got caught up trying to "beat" or "be better" than SpaceX. I believe that SpaceX winning contracts gets under Bezos' skin to the point that he can't sleep…lol. They need to stay in their lane and focus on future contracts and technology development instead of trying to sue their way into jobs that are already awarded. JMO. You and your team keep up the great work!

  10. I think if Blue Origin spent as much money on development as they do in law suites , they wouldn't need Billions of tax payer dollars to squander. As long as they have been in business they should be closer to SpaceX, not lagging so far back it's not like they don't have the money. So Jeff put your money where your mouth is

  11. Whew… didn't put a lot of thought about it during the process but I did expect some protracted legal maneuvering which thankfully didn't happen.

  12. Very happy that this process is over! I'm a fan of this Nasa going back to moon and also a big fan of Spacex. My hopes is for the environmental study completes and let's SpaceX move forward and let our greatest supporter of space exploration move forward as well Elon Musk… Thank you for you channel good job on your report!

  13. There was little doubt that this was how it would play out. It is actually pretty surprising how fast the court proceedings went. Quite frankly if the FAA had started the environmental review when it should have way back when StarHopper hopped I'd have no major issues with the governments working relationship and support of SpaceX.

  14. Yes,yes we won for the four time be beat Jeff bezos and blue origin rocket for good , know we will finally finish what we started and to up to space to the moon and Mars and beyond universe ……

  15. What will Blue Origin do next? They will probably file a protest with the World Court in The Hague…

  16. I hope the space robots are self aware . Super strength on earth will be ultra super strength in space , i wonder how far they could throw a baseball

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