BREAKING NEWS! Elon Musk REVEALS Starlink 2 0! (SpaceX | Elon Musk | Starlink)


BREAKING NEWS! Elon Musk REVEALS Starlink 2 0! (SpaceX | Elon Musk | Starlink)
Musk’s goal with Starlink is to provide lower-cost internet than existing providers while requiring no long-term contracts. Hey guys, welcome to the channel! Elon Musk has announced Starlink 2.0, and its agenda is stronger than ever. Stay tuned to the end of this video to grasp the latest gossip. Make sure to drop a like, and let’s jump right in!

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  1. What do you think of Starlink 2.0? Do you think people will jump on the 'Internet for all" bandwagon? Do you think it will be worth buying into? Let us know in the comments below! 👍

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