Boeing Starliner launch delayed again, and insane SpaceX Starship progress!


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  1. Boeing is finished they just do not know that right now, NASA should refuse the 400million and force Boeing out of the space program……..They are a failure nobody can deny that any more and NASA is allowing them to steal money regularly.

    As for jobs, spacex provides more jobs than the failed Boeing space project by far, they have multiple sites with thousands upon thousands of workers compared to the few hundred Boeing has.

    There comes a time where any entity has to stop throwing money at a failed business. and a company that can barely get a rocket into space while spacex has them in space every month is not worth saving even…..or if unable to stop the funding due to corrupt politicians then cancel the starline project and give them a few million a year to do r and d for spacx

  2. About 40 years ago the American people had decided it is more important to vote them selves a pay check and vote into power a government that will GIVE them everything they want rather than continue using our freedom and liberty to work and advance the human condition. So now we have a dictator administration getting a good foothold using Cov^d to advance their radical dictator policies. The employees at SpaceX WANT to work and meet the needs of their customers world wide. And in doing so move at the speed of light into the future. That is the difference.

  3. Starliner, when will NASA retire this hunk of junk? This dinosaur should never have been conceived. Time to shift the funding of Boeing’s folly to Space X. Don’t get me started on Orion.

  4. ????????????????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  5. These companies need to be punished more for their incompetence… prey for the time true competition drives space exploration and see ula and blue origin disappear.

  6. Great video. So much has happened since this video, they have already stacked a Starship on the booster. Just incredible to see all this going on, what a great time to be alive.

  7. Dude, the intro was great. Where is the little lady, or is that the other channel? Cheers.

  8. nasa waste 4.6 Billion USD funding to this non-sense starliner, and spacex make it even cheaper. i mean how boeing not even come up yet

  9. WOWa 4.6 billion skyscraper at NASA. This is where boeing is the safest. The only time boeing can not crash because it has not left the ground. boeing seems to be a guarunteed people killer. It leaves the ground and it crashes right away. So to boeing my hats off for not launching another disaster

  10. The misfiring of the Russian Module has really missed up the international space station. It may have shortened the life of the ISS.

  11. Boeing should just fly the 737-MAX to the ISS.
    Oh, that won't work you say?
    Well…. neither does the Starliner, so what difference does it make?

  12. The sad thing is, the thing was supposed to be ready the first time it launched, with plenty more to go after the demonstration ( which was already later than SpaceX )….a year and a half later and even more cash down the drain and it's still a lemon.

    Typed it on another vid ( Angry Astronaut's I think ) but I figure part of the problem is that Boeing is used to their military contracts where being late and billions over budget is not only common, but pretty much no one blinks an eye ( which is a whole nother mess ) and they're treating Nasa contracts the same….which sucks cause Nasa is one of the least funded agencies IIRC and they need every dime they spend to get returns, not delays.

  13. The Deamliner has one advantage over Dragon: It can reboost the ISS. This is critical to maintain altitude

  14. Boeing is a shadow of the company it used to be. I almost want to say good riddance as their policies with foreign vendors drove them into the ground and their leadership no longer knows what the left hand is doing to the right hand. These jokers can’t even make a short haul airliner that’s safe to fly anymore.

  15. It shows when you “retire” all of your experienced engineers and replace them with university graduates with NO experience. When the bean counters also are given authority over the whole operation, of course this is what happens. Boing was regarded as the best aviation manufacturers but now have lost all credibility in the aerospace industry.

  16. America had its golden years in the space industry know we just have Billionaires trying to get away from the world so they don't have to pay taxes.

  17. and all done by an actual ( legal ) African Immigrant, now a truly real African America…….

  18. And the training of the astronauts for the Starliner is also more difficult and expensive.

  19. I think it's just hilarious how all these companies like Boeing and whatnot are trying to fight SpaceX when they already lost 60 years ago they told us oh we can't use stainless steel well you Lon musk made stainless steel and he's flying it with his rockets and it's a better job even knowing it's a wee bit weaker than the actual composite stuff it doesn't really matter because it can Outlast any of the composite materials by far and I don't think we really should give Boeing money they're wasting it completely the other company not SpaceX is also wasting their money trying to beat SpaceX come on you ain't going to be SpaceX there's no way in hell that you guys can beat SpaceX so truly I don't think Boeing should be in the space race at all and the other companies don't even come and compare it to what Elon musk have had to build because the technology that we apply to these ships are nothing compared to what NASA had before we are integrating our new tech everyday and we will not stop until we are done with our mission our mission is to go to the moon and back and then to Mars and back remember we got to have a space station on the moon so we don't have to constantly come back to earth and re-enter atmosphere which cost us quite a bit of gas itself also reduces the emissions from the actual rocket stages

  20. Why the hell haven’t they canceled this and the sls. Such an extremely big waste of money. Elon and SpaceX are so far ahead it’s not even funny…

  21. If they had given SpaceX the other $4.6 we would be on the Moon. Thank you Elon. My tax dollars at work for a change.

  22. Jabs at Orion aren’t really fair, Lockheed delivered on time and on budget after NASA’s changes, it’s first flight was perfect, and it’s been on the ground waiting for SLS for almost a decade.

  23. If the picked Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser it would be coming and going from the station by now.

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