Blue Origin's Ridiculously Selfish Space Race

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  1. Blue Origin got awarded money yesterday for the second part of the Lunar Lander project. What BO is doing is trying to delay SpaceX and give themselves time to develop the New Glenn rocket and the rocket motor they are going to sell to ULA. The second contract if the big money to whoever wins as it will be the lunar lander that is used for about 10 years or more after the initial landing.

  2. Jeff needs to focus on nuclear fusion, mapping the human kind, more robotics, an airline with planes that are modular and detachable and bigger…I.e. helicarriers, hologram, nanotech medicine…the opportunities r endless & unlike startups or dreamers…he’s got the $ and resources $ know people…his power play after retirement has gotten to his head.

    Hey Jeff, go help woczniak with his project…or bill gates with his forgotten toilet evolution project.

  3. Blue origin, to me, seems like a company that hasn't fully committed itself to anything. It really hasn't done anything, besides launching rockets really high, only to fall back down to earth. And haven't done much beyond that. Their rockets achieve around 3,000 mph, which is nowhere near the speed needed to achieve orbit, 17,500. Yet SpaceX is basically a veteran space faring company at this point. And Elon Musk backs up his talk. And I seriously doubt Blue Origin would ever get a government contract in the future after all of Bezos' latest shenanigans in court. Just go back to Amazon dude. Build drones to deliver packages or something. Leave space to the experienced big boys.

  4. He's going to have to dissolve the company, and liquidate everything by selling it piece by piece on Amazon. I'm hoping it will be eligible for Prime's free shipping. I could use some freeze dried ice cream.

  5. Jeff Bookseller and Dynetics already knew the direction SpaceX was heading with the HLS version of Starship, and they both still stuck with craft that are little more than a new take on an Apollo lander.

  6. Blue origin is just trying to stop spacex from contributing to the artemis program, they should know this is gonna lead to nothing but shame

  7. What’s difficult for me to imagine is Jeff Bezos could maintain BO’s present space tech development as a personal hobby and still exceed what many formal national programs can accomplish… regardless of any lack of federal contracts to keep the usual money ball rolling.

  8. “A Spaceport that doesn’t exist” “An immensely complex and high risk system”- Blue Origin. Bezos really needs to grow up over this. He needs to accept that he has lost and needs to move on.

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