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13 days before the launch of the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment mission, AKA CAPSTONE.
A small one, but with big goal, to test a unique lunar orbit, for future Gateway
operation in the same orbit, will be launched by rocket lab’s electron rocket, using Photon to place it on a trajectory to the Moon.

Thumbnail Pic: NASA ( @NASA ).

Credit: SpaceX, ULA, NASA, William Harwood, Blue Origin.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – Moon Close Up
0:18 – Liftoff
0:37 – Stage separation + Fairing Separation
0:43 – B1052 hovering Few Centimeters Before Touchdown
1:04 – Starliner is Go for Launch
1:13 – InSight Mars Lander Update
1:24 – CAPSTONE Mission is So Important
1:49 – Polaris Dawn Crew
1:56 – ISS PDAM
2:09 – Blue Origin’s NS-21 Launch Postponed
2:18 – Outro


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  1. Perhaps the best solution

    is the following combination:

    Small thick-shell tanks, capable of holding 400 bar

    (pressure of oxygen and methane in the critical state),

    and a compressor that takes required amount of liquids

    from main tanks (8 bar)

    before each session of recovery of gravity

    after a period of aerobatics;

    pumps enough of them into small tanks.

    After the consumption of supercritical fluids

    the configuration goes to rest,

    waiting for the next request

    about the need to restore the normal vector of gravity.

  2. Perhaps abandoning Raptor

    and transferring Merlin to methane

    and electric spark ignition

    is the best solution?

    An open loop is a superpower!

  3. They should hover Ingenuity helicopter 🚁 over the Rover. Kick that nasty dust, baby got back! 🎶

  4. Great ending with Jeff Who in this episode — laughed my head of

  5. Thanks again for good stuff.
    A question if you have time. What are the three satellites about the moon that caught my interest when I shot the eclipse?

  6. one must wonder what the odds are in Vegas that it doesn't launch tomorrow.

  7. Blue Origin is Blue thinking of not being able to launch. I was hoping that maybe Jeff Who would finally produce something but again it's a nothing burger. Jeff is becoming even a disappointment to those who had zero expiations.There had actually seemed to be some positive news out of Blue but it fizzled out with this delay. Jeff better get back to shipping and receiving.

  8. The guidance team at SpaceX does a astonishing job all my best wishes for the lunch tomorrow go Starliner all go SpaceX pink all go us

  9. Hi, Pink, appreciate the update. Can't wait for more Cape Canaveral Starship progress!
    Keep up the great effort as always. Thanks.

  10. Pretty soon Starship launch tower at 39A will be very hard to miss. Love the video.

  11. Since the solar panel has the ability to fold to vertical Adding a simple program to lift and vibrate the solar panel's would be a Simple Fix..DO'H
    I thought the people designing these things were Supposed to be SMART !!!❗

  12. LOL that end video of Bozos trying to close/open the hatch! HAHAHAHAHAHA
    I will never tire of anything that makes fun of him.

  13. If NASA knows dust on the panels is the issue, why don't they add a small fan or a brush to the robotic arm?

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