Blue Origin's MISERABLE Attempt To COPY SpaceX & Elon Musk


In today’s Modern video we take an in-depth look at how Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is blatantly copying Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

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  1. For those that don't have any skin the game isn't it better all round if there is more than one organisation competing in the space race?

    As for copying it is not like everything Space X does is original, all manufacturers build on the past and sometimes the right design often means that there can often be similarities between two different designs.

    Space X is leading the race, but history has shown that leading doesn't always result in being first as the Russians found when competing with the USA to land man on the moon.

    The two companies have very different philosophies, hare and the tortoise, Space X should be pleased that there is a Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance as it demonstrates the Space X achievements more when there are others trying to compete in the same arena.

  2. Blue Origin is like those Chinese "roller coaster" companies that go around the US, taking pictures of parks like Cedar Point, and putting their logo on it to imply they built it. Blue Origin has never made anything but CG and mockups, along with one junk amusement park ride.

  3. Listen idiot, it's 550,000 lb thrust per be4. Also blue origin isn't producing any satellites… It's Amazon… This is a bad video

  4. EM has asked ppl to copy his idea. He is a strong believer that continues innovate is the only key to stay ahead.

  5. all of that aside. How could you not respect Elon for his hands on approach. His willingness to make the world part of his work and excitement has made what he is doing with his team even more amazing. He is amazingly autistic and deserves all his success.

  6. Rocketry is really hard to perfect and re-usable rockets are even harder. Bezos is a a-hole but I don't think anyone has ever met a billionaire that wasn't. I hope Blue Origin is able to keep up, if only to maintain competition. Blue Origin has been working on re-usable rockets for several years.

  7. Jeff Bozos and his Clown Crew have built an amusement park ride. Where is BO's orbital rocket or even an orbital rocket engine?! The only way Bozos gets to orbit is If Elon sells him one LOL.

  8. Well they are not copying they are just admiting that the Starship system is the future, it mean SpaceX is leading everything in the right direction.

  9. Copy? Really? Let's give the unwashed masses some FACTS instead of all this propaganda shall we?

    Bezos starts Origin in 1999

    Musk COPIES &starts spacex in 2002

    Origin plan reusable 1st stage as New Glenn/Shepherd feature (even had the automated ship landing platform idea before them too, but it was one ship not two)

    Musk pivots &makes reusability spacex's entire manifesto (after initially wanting to just make cheapER rockets than the the ULA's &Boeing's etc then later pivoted to add "full" reusability once Blue Origin announced that feature)

    Origin does first VTOL rocket landings

    Spacex COPIES this with boosters later

    Bezos has long said he wants to "save" earth by building space habs since he was a child.

    Musk had little interest in space as child
    sold repackaged video game he passed off as his own &his dad used his media connections to brag about it. Sold his dad's loose diamonds at a loss &later wanted to be the world's first "internet banker"

    Bezos announces his "space philosophy" behind Blue Origin reiterating his own words as a highschool student (that were recorded in projects/newspaper articles) of wanting to save humanity by helping democratise space &help build the infrastructure for humanity to live/work in space &preserve mother earth as a kind of nature reserve free of pollution etc (frankly I think it's a nuts idea but hey, each to their own. plus he was first out the block with these big overarching philosophical goals regarding his business)

    Musk sees this then suddenly decides his "space philosophy" is wanting to "colonise mars" &save the human race by making us an multiplanetary species.. after falling asleep watching Prometheus.
    something anyone with half a brain knows is ridiculous &a "dream con" typical of ppl like Elon (&yes. Elon thinks he's a benevolent Peter Weyland 😂)

    Sidenote: this contradicts his earlier mission statement of simply sending a small popup greenhouse to mars to "generate/reinvigorate interest in space" &"give ppl something to look forward to.." u know.. generic internet sales speak tai lopez BS

    Origin is 99% funded by bezos personally.

    Spacex (aside from initial blood emerald money investments from his pedo pops that he pretends to hate..) is 90% funded by govt subsidies &tax dollars.. yes. the guy who didn't think ppl deserve a stimulus cheque LITERALLY suckles on the teat of the govt for almost all his companies.. the irony.

    Love or hate him Lex Luthor built his mammoth "evil empire" by himself from scratch in his garage &money he made from trading

    Elon is a pathological liar manipulator &chameleon who stole the idea for Zip2
    LIED about being broke &living in YMCA
    (His dad rented him a huge loft where he threw raves for fellow college students)
    LIED about writing the code for Zip2
    LIED about starting paypal
    LIED about starting Tesla (him being an Edison fanboy should've been an instant red flag)
    LIED about his seed money (his dad used an old Lebanese "friend" as a funnel for illicit emerald funds)
    LIED about "inventing" hyperloop.. (u know the concept that's been around since the late 27th century?)
    LIED about starting solar city &it's embezzlement issues.
    LIED about electric jets.
    LIED about starting neuralink AND it's capabilities.
    LIED about BFR commercial travel
    LIED about Tesla semi/roadster
    LIED about Tesla batteries
    LIED about caring about the environment.. (he literally takes billions from car companies to allow them to keep polluting &has discussed invading countries to perpetuate lithium mining something really bad for the environment)
    LIED to his fanboys about bitcoin then bankrupted millions (ngl that was hilariously sad.. I pulled all my money as soon as he started going near crypto though so ouch to anyone who got hit)
    etc. etc. etc.

  10. Can’t really even compare SpaceX with Blue Origin. Blue Origin wasted too much time and effort sending a rocket straight up to 60 miles and then coming back.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣 You made a mistake right out the gate. Jeff Bozo is not the biggest name in the space game. He wants to be the biggest name in the space game! That title goes to SpaceX, NASA, Boeing, and some Russian outfit. As of right now, Bozo is just a Law Firm with a small Rocket Dept.

  12. Copying rockets with circular cylinders ?
    And fins ?
    Fins ate nothing new. Missiles have fins, and airplanes too.
    size is found by running design analyses. Its the why cars from different brands have similar sizes and shapes.
    Musk is not inventing anything new.
    He also copied rocket shapes from Tziolkovsky and Herman …
    Taking lots of money from taxpayers through Nasa is like robbing.

  13. Elon Musk is like Tony Stark and Jeff Bezos is Justin Hammer. Jeff Bezos will always be number 2 with BO 😂

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