Blue Origin's DESPERATE COMPLAINTS may have worked!


Blue Origin’s DESPERATE COMPLAINTS may have worked!
NASA has selected five US-based companies under the NextStep 2 Appendix N Program. The total amount of funds distributed is 146 million US Dollars and the work will be done within the next fifteen months. A very peculiar thing about this is the allocation of funds to Blue Origin as compared to SpaceX which was recently seen to be NASA’s favorite. Keeping in context all the desperate complaints being made by Jeff Bezos and his company, it seems like those efforts may have finally worked. Getting the smallest share in the NextStep Appendix N was not the only blow SpaceX received in all this. What are all the steps taken recently by NASA and how do they all fall in favor of Blue Origin? How has NASA awarded 5 companies in the latest decision and what are their roles in mission Artemis?
The video today will first go over all that has happened to SpaceX recently as a consequence of the efforts by Bezos. Then we will go over the details of the NextStep Appendix N and which company got how much of a slice of the pie. The last part of the video will go over all the tasks that will be performed by the awardees and what is expected from them in the Moon HLS mission. We will also discuss how NASA plans to lay out project Artemis and its effects on the future of lunar transportation and life. Here’s a quick reminder that you can subscribe for free and like the video so that we can boost the algorithm. Comments are most welcomed and the best ones will get featured in one of our upcoming videos
SpaceX Original Contract Suspended
Back in April 2021, NASA was supposed to award two companies for the Moon HLS missions but decided to choose only SpaceX with the claim that Congress did not provide sufficient funds. There could only be the hiring of one contractor. Jeff Bezos was infuriated and publicly ranted as an effort to contest the decision. He then went to the Government Accountability Office but they could not find any discrepancies. Bezos then sued the space agency in the federal court.
The claim made by Jeff was that Appendix N and the solicitations that were to be followed for Lunar Exploration Transportation Services or LETS were underfunded, undefined, and would lead to the duplication of all the enormous amounts of work done under Appendix H.
As an outcome, NASA has suspended the 2.9 billion dollar contract and all work with SpaceX until the court decision arrives. It is expected to come out in November of this year.
Bill Nelson, in his very first blog as NASA Administrator, had said that there is a delay of performance till the 8th of November for the contract with Elon Musk’s company. He also said that these new awards done under Appendix N show that a broad effort for the flourishing of commercial moon landing missions is still moving at a steady pace.
Nelson also added that NASA is priming the industry to bring in their proposals for crewed lunar transportation service in the coming year. These will be done regularly with a high frequency. All those services that require carrying a crew from the orbital gateway to the surface of the moon and back will be scheduled to start in the later 2020s.
It seems like a double win for Jeff Bezos as his efforts paid off and he not only got to suspend SpaceX’s work for now but also got his company awarded. There seems to be some Bezos influence in all this as the new contract has given the highest amount of funds to Blue Origin and the least amount to SpaceX. It may just be an act by NASA to make him get off their case for good as the man seems to be willing to go to any extent to end things for SpaceX.
NASA Selects 5 companies
Five US-based companies have been chosen by NASA to set a steady pace of the crewed missions to the moon. This is being done under the Artemis program. The tasks on which these companies will work are conducting risk reduction activities, substantial progress towards the sustainable human landing system concepts, and to give valuable feedback regarding the NASA requirements for cultivating industry capabilities and standards for crewed landing missions.
The five companies are awarded under NextStep-2 or the Next Space technologies for Exploration Partnerships Appendix N. These are broad agency announcements and the firms will work on a fixed price and milestone-based contracts. A total amount of 146 million US Dollars has been awarded to the combined and the period of the work is set for the next 15 months.
Let us look at the five companies and how much they have been funded. Jeff Bezos seems to be the winner here as his Blue Origin Federation of Kent. Washington was given 25.6 million US Dollars. Next was Dynetics of Huntsville, Alabama, a Leidos Company with 40.8 million US dollars. These are followed by Lockhead Martin Of Littleton Colorado with 35.2 million US dollars. The second last company is Northrop Gruman of Dulles, Virginia, with 34.8 million US dollars.

  1. Why is it every animation I see about an Artemis lander's shows Bezo's piece of crap lander…no sorry…a jump from a high place? Once again it's "Not who you know, but who you blow?" And am I the only one that has a problem with Beza's offer of a 2 billion dollar bribe?

  2. My issue with this remains the same. Blue Origin lost the initial bid and that should be the end of it.
    As a sore loser, they have jeopardized the entire US space program and has demonstrated a complete lack of patriotism. Blue Origin should be banned from any US contracts.

  3. I'll never understand the notion of rewarding bad behavior by enabling more. I do understand the rewards of good honest efforts and the benefits they provide, through a contract award. I'm beginning to doubt the integrity of NASA as they seem to be leaning towards political thinking instead of metrics based decisions. Just my observation of a small window of time, but when doubts creep in …..

  4. How Blue Origin got biggest piece of pie if another 3 companies(Dynetic. Lockheed Martin of Littleton and Northrop Grummman of Dulles) got more??? @Tech life

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