Blue Origins BE-4’s are awesome! #Shorts


Now I kind of needed to do a double take on this one because check this out. These here are Blue Origins BE-4’s being moved to the build stand for the first Vulcan Centaur Flight. Unlike SpaceX who parade the Raptors down the road, at events and just for kicks, Blue Origin is a very different company. Regardless though, I’m happy to see progress as we all want to see the Vulcan Centaur launch, and currently the BE-4 is testing out well having completed “many thousands of seconds of hot fire time, across the full throttle range” with “dozens of starts”. Tory here claiming that the performance is even better than what was expected.

Full video diving deep into this here.

#BlueOrigin #Shorts

  1. When the new Glenn is complete with Be-4 engines, Jeff will have one great rocket. But SpaceX is developing a rocket factory capable of pumping out hundreds of great rockets relatively cheaply. Not much of a competition.

  2. Blue doesn't want to show they are still using old, copied rocket tech "maybe SpaceX" n how far they're behind… I'm not rocket engineer but even I can say something just don't fly there….

  3. Troll video. BE-4 is terrible, they are so embarrassed of it's failure they don't want to show it.

  4. I really don't like these portrait style videos. Love the content though… 🙂

  5. Don't want it shown? I wouldn't either if my competitor was so far ahead.

  6. Okay I put it on Twitter and am currently testing Seems to work. Cool nicely done Mr. House.

    Marcus you are a very funny guy. If I read between the lines it is so sunny. I got it. I got it.

    this is a comment on Youtube as a short being run on a PC that was launched from the twitter link.

    You guys are fun ….

  7. It is 100% that no version of the BE-4 is finished. And; I very seriously doubt that they will be delivered to the ULA this year. How long will it take to integrate the finished BE-4’s onto the Vulcan? The Project Kuiper clock is ticking.

  8. ill believe it when is see a successful launch BE has been slow as balls getting this out

  9. Funny they call it the BE-4 engine, when it's coming out long after Rocket lab and SpaceX already have proven rocket engine designs. BO has already lost the space race. At this point, they're being propped up by the American taxpayer.

  10. I wish to see them fly!! Yeah SpaceX is awesome, but all the eggs are in that basket right now… We seriously need more baskets…!

  11. I'm glad their making progress. I don't like how the company behaves, but it's more corporate business. Not enthusiasts who believe in what their doing, like folks at SpaceX.
    That said, had they'd been more transparent about things they won't have gotten so much crap in first place or prevented their internal problems from happening. How they operate verses how their making it, they won't have soo much corruption at the management top kept BE-4 engine from being developed sooner. It's their fault. They lost a lot good people on the way by doing that.

  12. Please correct me if I am wrong, but aren't Blue Origin the first US company to make an oxygen-rich engine?

  13. More like they don't want to show the rest of the engine because there are plenty of people knowledgeable enough to realise how much work is still to do to get these engines finished. There have already been plenty of images of the BE-4 published so not showing these two engines because 'secrecy' doesn't make sense. You can't reverse engineer a rocket engine just by looking at a video of it or a few photos. Plus there is nothing ground breaking about the BE-4 design, this type of engine is well understood and their single shaft turbopump design may well be the engines biggest problem.

  14. I think its bizarre them hiding their tech from others. Do they really think Elon Musk's guys are gonna say – "oooh, look, so that's how to do single shaft engines. Quick, lets totally redesign the Raptor so we can do that too!". Or maybe the Chinese – "ooh, lets stop our whole program indefinitely while we switch from hypergolic to hydrolox – those gweilos have shown the way!". And its an attitude that slows th whole industry down. Progress depends on SHARED knowledge.

  15. They are being secretive because really, they’re just copying SpaceX. They are too embarrassed to admit they can’t come up with their own design.

  16. Durp durp durp. Everuone that does quality old discovery channel content has to do Cosmo Scott Durp Beyond House videos like tik tok paying their bills just to "be competitive".

  17. For a few million dollars we will take you to the karman line and let you float about for about 5mins. Oh, you should see the beautiful shape of our rocket.

  18. Well, it's about bloody TIME! These things have been holding up half the freaking Space Industry, at this point!

  19. It’s the pumps and complexity that was the fuckup, so only showing a bit of curved steel doesn’t really do much for me. F BO.

  20. On the bright side, Vulcan can serve as the test mule for the BE-4s so they're ready for New Glenn.

  21. honestly hate blue origin. just so bratty for a company that doesn't do that much

  22. Blue Origin seems to be full of old school lads who lack innovation, motivation and urgency, it's the complete the opposite of SpaceX.

  23. Blue Origin doesn’t need the publicity like SpaceX does. Of course they won’t show the actual parts.

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