Blue Origin's $2 Billion offer to NASA is VERY bad for Artemis and competition! Here's why!!

The Angry Astronaut picks apart Jeff Bezos’ letter to NASA and goes on a SERIOUS RANT!!
This whole idea is bad for competition AND Artemis. Here’s why…

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Here’s the letter…

  1. If the US government is spending $850 Billion on the military budget, maybe the could cut back a little (say 50%) and then NASA could afford to host all 3 candidates, and American people could afford free healthcare for years to come..? Just thinking out loud…

  2. You are still talking about how ladder is dangerous, however you never talked about situation when the lift to starship will break down, how the astronauts will get back in ?

  3. Two words: "Cost overruns…"
    Bezos wants to pull the same bullshit that previous space contractors; Namely, provide a lowball quotation to get in, then double or triple the pricetag later on in the project, effectively holding NASA hostage to a "We need more money or we can't finish the project" situation…
    SpaceX has changed the private contractor paradigm, buy building the general purpose rockets first, then bid on the modifications…
    Stupid Bezos, tricks are for kids….

  4. Astronaut Jeff needs to up his game first. Blue Origin need to fly some missions in space, get some work done to support their own agenda like space x do instead of trying to leverage money out NASA. The reality is blue origin is a front. Jeff wants to show how successful blue origin is by cuddling up to NASA and getting a contract. If I set up a business and did pretty much nothing of note and I went to ask for investment I’d be sent packing. Why are blue origin any different?

  5. If Bezos wants to put 2 Billion in then let him. Have him build the system and get to the point of test filghts.
    Then he can present the system as "working" and NASA can purchase flights if they want otherwise he can sell it as private commercial flights.

    Blue Origin has been around longer than SpaceX and Rocket Lab and yet hasn't thrown anything into orbit – shows their commitment.

  6. When we get a successful launch of super heavy and a touchdown of starship sometime this year. It will be the end of bezos. Once we get a series of successful launches and payloads into space. All providers will be on notice. Once dear moon succeeds and a spaceX employee or a paid traveller lands on the moon without nasa interference. It will be a game changer. At some point, the apron strings need to be cut and Musk needs to go it alone.

  7. Your obsession with the ladder is ridiculous. Millions of clumsy people climb ladders every day carrying loads in 1g.

    Super fit and coordinated astronauts cant climb one in 1/5 gravity?

    Its a silly objection.

    There are loads of legitimate objectives against this system, stick to them.

  8. Bring it on I say.
    I'd sooner see Blue Origin subsidizing their contribution than do the whole cost over run and time set back thing and expect to profit from it.
    I also hope to see Elon just go "bring it on " (and I think he will), since he thrives on competition and showing how to get it done.
    Like with electric cars it is having competitors that validates the whole industry and grows its public perception.
    NASA's hands are tied budget wise, so this is really the only competition option.
    Blue Origin are really going to have to step up to the plate with this one, it is going to define them in the future.
    I hope I'm wrong, but I think the pressure of competition is going to unravel Blue Origin and what clout will NASA have to gee them up if it all goes pear shape.
    There should be a no bail out clause as well.
    We have gone from an extended drought of no lunar presence ambition, to billionaires scraping it out at their expense (largely) to make it happen. How good is that.
    I agree that making it a public letter and making sweeping misleading statements in, it just goes it show how juvenile Bezos can be when things are not going his way..

  9. Bezos lost face when he lost the race. he MUST be on the take to enable China's military space program success.. only thing that makes any sense what… so.. ever

  10. If Jeffy boy was so invested in going back to the moon he would develop his lander out of pocket. Then he could take it to NASA when it is a tested and finished product.

  11. The transaction eventually needs to be approved by regulatory institutions, as NASA is too well known to have to fight a takeover alone..

  12. This video is stupid. Firstly you ignore the low gravity on the moon, secondly its not exactly hard to design a wire based security system.

    Lastly, Starship is actually a lot higher. And yes I do get it that SpaceX shows an elevator on their pictures. But as of today that elevator does not exist. Its just a concept on a drawing. So starship is just as far from having a working elevator as Blue Origin, should they decide to prepare one.

  13. There is a word for what Bezos offered in his open letter, and that word is "bribe".
    You said the National Team needs only two launches to replace the transfer module and the landing stage. Did you forget that a launch may be needed to refuel the assent stage?
    Bezos' statement that there proposal is more certain of success is bogus. They don't have the lander and assent stage rocket engines, and give their track record on the BE-4 engine I wouldn't count on them being able to produce a new engine in a reasonable time period.
    The Dyneticsreusability

  14. People forget Musk said he would land a craft on the moon and say "hey NASA, look what we did" as a way of getting them to see his option was the best. He said that before any of these contracts were awarded.

  15. Good video and a well constructed argument thanks. Blue origin has thrown the proverbial curved ball which I hope NASA can avoid. It reminds me of Big Tech tactics of trying to change the market system to suit themselves. May the lowest-priced contractor win.

  16. If someone had simply copied the Apollo LEM they would be way ahead of all these landers. One rocket took the CM, LM and three astronauts to Lunar orbit, two to the lunar surface, and all three plus hundreds of pounds of moon rocks back to the Earth. And later missions took a lunar doon-buggy to the moon also!!!

  17. If Jeff's that dedicated to the future of humanity in space and the near term goals of returning to the moon, then maybe he should just fund the entire project himself.
    Go on Jeff, put your money where your mouth is. Your whole proposal was for around 6 billion, just pay for it all.
    If you truly believe America needs a second landing system then just pay for it and make it a present to the country you love and who provided you with the opportunity to become the world's richest man.

  18. OMG, my eyes are opened about the ladder. No way can the National Team or NASA believe this can work. As such, what the hell is really going on here?

  19. Just an FYI, Hydrolox has a much higher specific impulse than Metholox. While the Vulcan will be a metholox first stage, the centaur part is still hydrolox on the second stage. A notable heavy lift Hydrolox rocket was the Delta IV

  20. Since Jeff is really just interested in effective competion, surely he should just fund the Alpaca? Which is clearly the better lander over the National Teams offering.

  21. The other issue is that you cannot measure things in terms of launches, 2 Blues Origins launches mean 140 million dollars, the 8 of Spacex only 16 million

  22. Why even give him the headlines, the guy only complains. People who complain loudly shouldn't get headlines people with plans for change should get them instead.

  23. Blue origin the space dissuader, lefties trying to keep man firmly planted on a earth. Looking more like they are Sabotaging space colonisation.

  24. The real money is not in NASA’s meager lunar program. The real money is in space tourism to LEO and and to the lunar surface. The NASA inspired National team lunar landing system is way too complex and inefficient.
    Blue Origin simply needs to put landing legs on its New Glenn upper stage so that they could have a reusable LOX/LH2 vehicle capable transport large and heavy cargo or crews to the lunar surface using upper stage derived propellant depots at LEO and NRHO.
    Since the New Glenn upper stage can probably accommodate at least 100 tonnes of propellant, it could easily transport crews between LEO and NRHO. And it should be capable of round trips from NRHO to the lunar surface on a single tank of fuel.
    Once propellant can be manufactured on the Moon, the upper stage could be used as a lunar hopper, capable of rapid round trips to any area of the lunar surface with a single tank of fuel. Lunar propellant would also make it easy fro the New Glenn upper stage to travel from the lunar surface to LEO. The only thing Bezos needs is a habitat module from Lockheed Martin and the David system from his Blue Moon concept.

  25. You said it! "one of the two competitors". Rather have a sole source to Musk? The letter was for Congress and the public, "open letter", get it? The young lady in the suit was in a 1 g environment, not the 1/6 g Lunar environment with an unknown pressure differential. Same with the ladder. This is a rant, not a reasoned argument. You don't think NASA could use $2B worth of labor, facilities and materials to work on the Lunar program? That long ladder? Why that was required to fit in the Falcon launch fairing. If the design were limited to the SLS and New Glenn it would have been wider and lower. You are mistaken about the fairing fit. Dynetics is already dead, it matters not what Blue Origin does here. What Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos want is continued access to NASA's expertise and attention. Starship is designed to go to Mars. It is not optimized for the Lunar mission, ergo the number of launches required for a landing. Why such rage in response to the attempt to respond to the Congressional underfunding of yours and my Lunar program?

  26. This sounds more like 2 billion dollar bribe to slow down the competition. Even ask to ignore who spent money and time to save on paying the Rusians. Bezos has done what was done in early 0's by john glen. I see it as back to future bribe; plain and simple.

  27. There's about a 99% chance that this offer is going to be accepted. The 1% is if NASA just tells them the competition is over and they can try for the next competition that will be for multiple missions and will be independent of this one. After all, if Jeff can wave 2B as bait, then how can the 3B awarded to SpaceX lead to an advantage? Just use the 2B and develop the lander and bid on the multi-mission competition with a huge advantage, right?

    This type of financial incentive is what is know as "buying the business", where a vendor loses short term in hopes of gaining long term by getting you hooked on their products because it is difficult to switch to a different vendor. If you think this is setting a precedent, you are wrong. The precedent has been set long ago, because this kind of thing happens quite often for government contracts. If there were 10 bidders and each of them had passable scores on their technical evaluation, how do you think the top 3 get selected? The reason it's hard to see a new company winning a bid even if they have a good design, is because of all the prior investments of the big players. Where a new company will need to price out the cost of setting up manufacturing facilities, the top competitors can exclude that cost.

    Just think about it, if NASA was always going to choose 1 winner, and 1 of the bidders told them they would do it for free, even if the other bidders score slightly higher on technical specs, as long as they both meet a certain minimum score, price is probably 30-60% of the score, so it will be the deciding factor.

  28. El problema es que no se puede hablar de competencia entre Blue Origins y Spacex. Blue Origins podria invertir ese dinero en una propuesta que sea competitiva pero no tienen tiempo… Rusia y China quieren hacer una base en la luna, cuantos alunizajes necesitaria Blue Origins para hacer una base??? Eses es el punto en cuestión.

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