Blue Origin's 10 BILLION dollar lunar lander?! (SpaceX Lunar Starship information)


The Angry Astronaut looks for options to Blue Origin’s ridiculously overpriced lunar lander with the help of a certain Dr. Zubrin.

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Dr. Zubrin’s Detailed Op-Ed

NASA’s detailed info on the lunar lander proposals. See “Source Selection Statement”

Blue Origin Contract Amount:

SpaceX Contract Amount:

Dynetics Contract Amount:

  1. Guys…thank you for all the comments. Please forgive my inability to answer them all. Now that this channel is at 7,300+ subs after just over six months (which I never imagined for a moment) I simply cannot respond to everything and research the content for another video at the same time. BTW…I am well aware of the face that Apollo had a LEM, but this vehicle did not require a second Saturn V to launch it. What I mean by a separate landing system is a system that requires deployment by a second rocket. The LEM was technically part of the same system, as the Apollo 13 astronauts were able to use it as a lifeboat after the life support in the CSM was damaged. Still, I was not entirely clear. Thanks for watching in such detail.

  2. Ten Billion dollars of CGI. Unbelievable! We cannot go to space. The earth is an enclosed system. There is no where to go. There is a firmament above us. Please stop spreading propaganda. NASA is NOT A SPACE Agency. It is an agency to deceive the masses.

  3. uhhh, didn’t the national team proposal include hydrolox components, and that’s why there’s a difference in talking about propellant storage between them and spacex?

  4. And in the End, we Have a nimble lunar lander to Explore the surface, a ecxellent refueling Station, which Doubles as a Cargo lander,
    And an overpriced, expendable piece of junk. True

  5. This is the lander that NASA is going to choose, not because it’s safe or the cheapest. It will be chosen to line the pockets of blue origin, the skunk works and every other bodge job industry that has the cash to bribe them with. WATCHING THIS SPACE.!!!!!!!!!!

  6. even with 20 times refuelling it would cost hell less than dynetics lander once starship starts generating from orbital and surface cargo delivery.

  7. Other than the BE-4 engine and their New Shepard "hopper", what have we seen out of Blue Origin?? Lots of neat plans and powerpoints about New Glenn, but nothing visible. SO lets just say I'll believe it when I see it. IMHO he's gotten a taste of the gubmint contracting system via the BE-4 development program and he's on board for more. IOW, it's all about the money. SO one company builds a disposable LLO orbital injection stage, he makes the descent stage for a lander, and another company builds the "nominally reusable" ascent stage for the lander, and everybody shares an enormous pie. NASA should love it– after all they've been working towards THE most expensive heavy lift launch system possible for a decade now… SO this fits right in with their apparent goals.

    This is the reason I haven't been able to take this whole SLS/ Artemis program seriously… it's been an exercise in the most expensive and least sustainable way forward since day one– a political solution to a technical problem. It's more about jobs and pleasing space state senators and former shuttle contractors than about actually going anywhere or doing anything. SLS has been a rocket without a payload from the get-go. It's gonna take them a decade to develop this three stage lunar lander proposal while SLS soaks up billions more in sustainment costs just to maintain the capability of building launching them. I just don't see it, particularly when our economy is floundering (or soon will be) due to the pandemic.

    I guess we'll see what we'll see but I just don't think this is going to gain much traction. Later! OL J R 🙂

  8. Blue Origin could fix the lander by spreading the descent stage around the ascent stage, so it can be inserted like a glove, that way the crew cabin can be much closer to the ground, and in later iterations can turn the lander into an SSTLO.

  9. the dynetics lander can be put into lunar orbit by the starship , then return to earth

    the lander can attach to the gateway and … here you go … a Spacex – Dynetics collab that makes sense

  10. Just look what “Northrup Grumman“ has done with the James Webb Space Telescope! I mean F$#K if anyone should be ANGRY about anything it should be that!! I'm I wrong about that!??

  11. I know I`m watching this video late (In reverse really) I just have to say brother, you hit the head of the nail when you called Jeff out on his alliances with those money grubbing professional thieves!

  12. Oh boy was a delight to ses a video made with the channel having 6k members. I loved the show and oh boy have you improved with everything and your channel now is my top space channel to view on you tube. Well done chum and good luck for the future


  13. Blue Origin's human lander looks like some half-assed design made in Kerbal Space Program by the Blue Collar Comedy Tour then built in a barn from random junk lying around in whoever's yard and spare parts jacked from NASA. Why can't they take their Blue Moon lander and just put a capsule for humans to live in on top of it? Seems like the smartest and simplest solution to me, rather then some very tall collection of scrap metal that leaves it's third stage behind, ripe for the taking from "moon pirates". But yeah, this thing is basically the Harley Davidson of Lunar space craft(yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices!).

  14. Why is the Blue Origin project so expensive? Well here's a possible explanation. Recently a US doctor was shocked when he asked to be tested for Covid-19. He knew the actual material required to do the test was 8$. However the insurance company had to pay a whopping 10,984$ after everyone got their "cut".
    As you know, many of the contributors to Blue Origins are used to making big bucks no matter how much work they put into their projects.
    It's my impression Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman think like they're living in 1995. The world has changed.
    And this is me but I do think Jeff Bezos should take care of it's employees and the state of the country instead of going to the moon. It's a fun project but people are suffering. Blowing off billions on this while essentials are not covered is insulting.

  15. My bet is Space X has a lunar lander solution on paper . Hell the Dragon is close to it if Modded some.

  16. Producing a Passable YouTube video takes a shit load of work. People don't realize everything involved I think.

  17. I think the drop tanks would make a good resource to leave at the landing site, not drop onto the moon before landing.

  18. For me it's about politics and a lack of vision (as always) at Washington DC. Lunar Lander reminds to the old and good Apollo, it's something that any senator or burocrat knows, and their think that general public knows too. But Dynetics and SpaceX proposals are too "revolutionary" to the conservative minds in DC, probably they thinks it's a sci fi crazy thing and their electors doesn't understand this "new things". Politicians want to go back to Moon in order to make a new symbol, like 1969, and nothing more; go back, plant the flag again and celebrate the event and never come back for a least another 50 years. SpaceX and other companies want to go to the moon for real, to stablish bases, do a real exploration of our natural satellite. And their think of refueling on site, using lunar regolith!!!

  19. I don’t believe “Blue Origin Monstrosity“ is the official name of the assemblage.

  20. Blue Origin is going to have to do MUCH better if it ever hopes to compete with Spacex and other companies. I'm hopeful for their success; their idea of mining asteroids is a clear winner. But they're never, NEVER going to achieve such things with $10 BILLION mission components!

    And I thought Bezos was smarter than he's showing himself to be. Why form alliances with the old-school corporations that work with NASA? Boeing sucks — and you can see how much so with how badly Orion is behind schedule and over budget. Northrop Grumman sucks. They're both experts at nothing but dragging things out, going over budget, and milking taxpayers for every penny they can get away with! Musk is successful because he's bypassing all that and is blazing his own new, independent trails, very successfully I might add.

    Prediction: Spacex, in the end, is going to spank NASA's and Blue Origin's collective backside, getting to the Moon. Elon Musk is a smart guy. He's NOT going to spend 12 Starship launches for each Moon landing. I'm sure he'll work out a solution, if not with Dynetics. Never bet against him!

  21. Has Blue Origin ever sent a cargo or satellite to orbit? If not why are they even in the discussions?

  22. DAMN that is a huge ladder on the side of that Blue Origin. Didn’t the Apollo Astronauts have some major issues with ladders?

  23. I now understand why you are "the angry astronaut", because clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. You stated verbatim that Orion needed a separate lander, obviously implying Apollo did not. Space enthusiasts are intelligent, educated people who often have an engineering background. For you to clumsily attempt to dance away from such an outrageously inaccurate statement is a disservice to anyone who wasted their time watching this mess. Perhaps you would be better served completing High School, or failing that, consider producing animal videos. But please, do us all a favor and stop making idiotic youtube videos.

  24. I'm a SpaceX fan, but I hope Dynetics wins. Cheap, small, reusable, and perfect as a quick mission to the moon because of the price. The starship is great and all, would look great as a permanent base, however, turning it into a refueling station seems like a better choice.

  25. Starship could refuel on the moon if they can mine water. Just bring a little bit o carbon along. Use solar to split water. Use the oxygen to burn the carbon at night for power gen. Next day use the co2 to make methane, fille the tanks n go home.

  26. Just thought. While not the point of this Vid, The discussion of starship 20 launches to support a Starship moon landing might sound excessive if not for the point of delivering 100 Tons of payload to the surface. How else are you going to get 100 Tons of stuff there?

  27. Blue Origin is a joke. Funded by the richest man on the planet and this is what they come up with? Such a waste.

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