Blue Origin – Worse than ever! Artemis and the first woman on the Moon in danger?


The Angry Astronaut goes once again into the breach against the brainchild of Jeff Bezos…and this time, astronaut’s lives are at stake.

Interview with Dynetics

The New Glenn will probably not fly in 2021

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The New Shepard mission to seal the deal on the Artemis Lander?

  1. Well, guys…after this one, Jeff is gonna send me up on the maiden flight of the New Glenn strapped to the nose cone without a space suit. Lol

  2. We are not going back to the moon or manned missions to Mars. Nasa, politicians, and contractors have been crying wolf for so many decades, that their promises give no effect at all. Not at all. It's just talk about plans and more plans…nothing happens.

  3. We've been told we're going back to the moon for the past 30 + years. It's always in 2 years in 5 years. It's all bs. It's all talk.

  4. I think that blue origin is stuck in the same dinosaurian mentally that nasa was. Judging by their panicky reactions they are more worried about losing the welfare handouts from nasa. Blue origins reminds me of the movie Money Pit. It also appears that there is a lot of money mismanagement.

  5. So you're worried about people climbing a ladder (something that happens a million times a day on earth) but not about the ridiculous complexity involved in using super cryogenic fuels in the lander.

    The original lunar lander had the simplest return engine it was possible to build. And the astronauts were STILL worried in case it didnt light

    This video is childish rubbish.


  6. Blue Origin is the biggest Bezos failure since that Amazon warehouse fire in California and the warehouse robot that sprayed bear mace everywhere. No way in hell should that bald prick have any stake in the space program.

  7. Yep, Thanks mister Angry. Jeff Bezos show us a real rocket to orbit before it becomes obsolete.

  8. Blue Origin is little more than a carnival ride company saddled with short term, lightweight thinking.

  9. Blue Origen has the mindset of the Apollo project. No inovetion. He,s stucked in the technoligy of the Apollo project, such a waste of time or energy. Old tech, Space X high tech. Maby they go so slow because Bezos is a controle freak. Check, check double check.
    Maby he has OCD like Howard Hughes.

  10. Dump the ladder. Just install a winch with an "O" ring & a cable. descend and ascend SIMPLE.

  11. sorry, but Elon Musk already won that contest
    Edit: the reason why dinetics didn't win is because their lander actually can't land

  12. I'm less concerned about the ladder and more concerned about why this guy is wearing sunglasses?

  13. If Blue Origin is your chew toy, I'd spit that sh*t out and use some Listerine quick. Besides, their giant phallus has flown like 15 times and never taken a human up with it.

  14. I work in construction. Ladders are being phase out wherever possible due to the high accident rate that involve them. Why on Moon would anyone then think using them during EVAs on another planet is a good idea?

  15. Follow the money trail from Bezos to Biden/Harris. That will explain the reason NASA is funding Blue Origin. Eventually, the Air Force will lean towards Blue Origin as well.

  16. Blue origin is cool. They only have a limited but doable business model which only calls for low earth orbit vehicles that have reusable rocket.
    KIS….keep it simple.
    If they go all complex in regards going to the moon etc , then NASA is fucked.

  17. Bezos is like every other Musk compotator and rival. They all have something on the drawing board that is ten, no, twenty times better than Musk. Just you wait!

  18. You say the Air Force invested 500,000,000 in Blue origin, maybe it is time for them to invest another 500,000,000 into the company.

  19. I think it is not that Blue Origin cannot put things in orbit but rather that they are not yet ready. Considering all the space junk and satellites in LEO I would be cautious too.

  20. What you say makes sense. Let SPACE-X have routine launches and resupply to ISS and a small colony on Mars as long as they do not abuse the privilege and let Blue Origin handle the Moon and colonization and real missions as well as Ces Luna possibilities. At least the Blue Origin rocket does not blow up each time they try to launch it and there is no STAR SAT/ B.S. formal space junk program with Blue Origin. One day all the STAR SAT satellites will be cleaned up with the rest of the space junk in LEO.

  21. Space X is a real company that needs to make money putting things in orbit, while Blue Origin is the pet project of a guy who runs the worlds biggest store. And it shows.

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