Blue Origin vs Virgin Galactic LIVE – FAA APPROVES VG to fly, BUT does Space Tourism even matter?


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  1. bet blue origin is waiting for kerbel space 2 comes out so they can update there space ship program

  2. Is nobody insulted with the comment at 37:15 on the Blue Origin parachute landing being incredibly uncomfortable because of the retros firing for the landing?!?! Then someone in chat tries to explain to Angry that it is just dust and not a hard landing and he just blows them off. Is Angry that uninformed or is he just being a shill for Virgin Galactic and the UK now that he has a PR job for them? This is an insult to anyone with even a mediocre knowledge of all things space. I've watched this channel for the info, the POV, the entertainment factor, etc. but I've always wondered if I was being judgemental about the FLUFF of it all. I want to be a fan but the lackadasical attitude towards giving half a flip about trying to get the production value above that of a 3rd grader is again insulting giving the fact that so many people are donating money to help further this channel and its content. This is more theatre than science. #SAD I guess if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then you just have to baffle them with bull crud. Lest someone accuse me of being a fan of Bezos and not of Branson….. I have warm regards to all things Virgin and think Bezos is a total failure in the world of space adventures. Yes Branson is slow as crap compared to SpaceX but geeze… Blue Origin needs to get a room with the old Brat Pack of the space industry (Lockheed, General Dynamics, Those Others in the political arena of milking our tax dollars to death and barely having anything to show for it compared to what SpaceX has done.). Bezos is in it for the money and not all mankind. I feel Musk is in it for mankind or maybe the glory but not necessarily the $$$$. Branson is far closer to Musk idealistically I would guess not that I really know. But this is supposed to be a fact finding mission of a channel (even with the anger) and not a biased propaganda platform for a silk tongued con man.

  3. I dont lime Bezos nor Blue Origin

    But baffled me was the sheer amount of anti-spaceflight cynics in the videos about the New Shepard seat and all that

    Their arguments were so wrong I dont know where to even begin

  4. It was not 'just any' 70 year old: it was a 70 year old that had his body tested and probed for years as an astronaut so there was a qualified baseline to measure effects of launch and orbit on him. The fact that it was John Glenn imho was secondary to the science.

  5. In short Angry bashes Blue Origin and praises Virgin Galactic, his usual stick… He runs a survey for what company would you use for a space vacation. I’m sure you could guess the option that most people would choose, the one they can afford???
    I wanted to answer this question with, why would anyone want to go through the trauma of going to space, let alone for a vacation…sorry for pointing out…know one will go to space for fun…
    I on the other hand…well I would fly on the Virgin Galactic 4.0 to a vacation in Australia from the U.S. because it looks like Virgin Galactic or a subsidiary will be the next Earth to Earth transport. After a week touring the outback of Australia, I would fly home on the Virgin Galactic 4.0 that would take an hour from Australia.

  6. If I had any money I would go to mars……..maybe go virgin galactic……but I would not give Jeff bozo 2*cents…..going to the iss is a waste. Bread the book " star crossed orbits "…….I am waiting for the ," colonies in space " like Dr O'Neil wrote about…..

  7. Virgin and BO have the most expensive carnie rides on the planet (oroff?). How to burn a lot of money by going no where very fast for about 15 minutes. Some people have money to throw away but how much good could that money do elsewhere. No wait. To hell with the needy, I want to go no where fast. More dollars than sense. What a waste and completely useless waste of resources.

  8. Space Tourism is the gateway drug to finance companies' entry into the real orbital and solar system space market.

  9. As I understand, crew dragon splashing down instead of using the super dracos was a requirement from NASA. Not SpaceX.

  10. If millions of dollars were available for me to fritter away on a suborbital joyride, I'd donate those funds to cancer patients. If/when cancer becomes extinct, and suborbital joyrides have become reasonably affordable, but Virgin or Blue are the only options, I would definitely go with Virgin's rocket-plane!

  11. Yes, I would if I could afford it, but I rather go with Elon Musk Dragon1 to go ISS even better.

  12. Elon Musk has them both that beat by light-years that are why the Govt., is curtailing their licenses for the SpaceX space missions.

  13. I hope VG takes the tourism business only because Bozos is trying to position BO as one of the go to cost plus contractors that will mostly soak up money and plod along like a turtle while China hands us our head in space. Sorry for the long sentence.

  14. Space tourism only matters as it will be interesting and tragic when space tourists get killed. NASA lost two shuttles. Are these companies going to be better than NASA?

  15. I was just thinking on the subject of millionaires, what about televangelist. They make millions but are exempt from paying taxes.

  16. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the person who bid $28 million to go up with Bezo's turns out to be Elon Musk??!!lol!

  17. 32:40 “it was on their instruction”. Seriously? These are highly skilled test pilots and you make it sound like he was Homer Simpson learning to fly by reading a bar napkin. Ofcourse he was told when the feather mode should be engaged. He messed up for some other reason.

  18. If I was rich I'd make sure to buy you a ticket on Blue Origin…. it would be an honest review.

  19. The only problem with virgin galactic is they don't go above the karman line. Most countries don't stay space until then. They don't count those as astronauts

  20. You can all suck on your Musksticks…Because Jeff,Bezo is my man I'm his and Blue Origin"s greatest fan..from Pete of Australia…💞💞💞 you Jeff.

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