Blue Origin VS Virgin Galactic // How do they compare?


The time has arrived! We’re at the start of a new era of human spaceflight, commercial suborbital rides to the edge of space! And what’s crazy is there isn’t just ONE company doing it, but two companies are entering service at almost the exact same time! Of course we’re talking about Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and their SpaceshipTwo space plane and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin with their New Shepard vehicle.

So here’s a little overview of what exactly suborbital spaceflight is, what you could expect on one of these rides, and then go over each system, comparing them side by side for the ultimate rundown.

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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – What is Suborbital Spaceflight?
05:50 – Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo
12:45 – Blue Origin’s New Shepard
20:50 – Side by Side Comparison
24:45 – Summary


3D Renders by Capsar Stanley – Stanley Creative // //

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  1. Sorry – I do have to bash & pick.

    Not Branson and Virgin. From the word go he was talking tourism with his system.

    I am talking about Bezos and Blue Origin.

    Blue is competing with Virgin and not SpaceX yet Bezos is buying off politicians to get federal tax dollars to fun a system that has yet to reach orbit. It looks great on paper, it looks amazing with the rendering video. But until it launches, recovers and launches again. And does it repeatedly and reliably. It does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as SpaceX

    Also I like how Branson beat Bezos to the punch getting his system up with passengers and himself.

    And finally. This is tourism for the crazy wealthy. Which is great if you have the money to blow and need something for your adrenaline kick. But it is not the same as orbit, proven reusability & reliability & human flight tested like Falcon 9.

    Once Starship is up and running Bezos will be two generations behind.

    Love your video's – keep them coming!

  2. I am a veteran fan of the space race, as kids me and my best friend started making a scrapbook of newspaper clippings as news of Sputnik, Laika, Vanguard failures, Shepard, Glenn etc. was being reported. BTW, I am still broken hearted over little Laika to this day….the bastards! In any case, I am 75 years old now and my time has passed at becoming a space tourist as I don't exactly have a spare $250K laying around for a 10 minute to maybe a 2 hour adventure, but some of you will……enjoy kids, carry on!

  3. Why don't those fuckers at Virgin make the rocket a little bigger and bring it up to 100km?!? It would be the real deal, with its longer flight time.

  4. People poke fun at their sub orbital flights because of the comments Branson and Bezos make to Musk as though they're on the same playing field with SpaceX. Virgin and Blue Origin should stop splashing water out of the kiddie pool and top-off the air in their floaties.

  5. Chale, na más ven a Elon aventar cuetes al espacio y ahora todos los riquines quieren su nave pa irse a chingar a su madre, espero todos los ricos agan su propio cuete????????

  6. Great Summary. I would rather wait for the Starship point to point at less than a tenth of the cost and 30mins in Space.
    Do you think VG will upgrade their engine so they can reach the Karmen Line?

  7. Won't be surprised if prices on Bezos' rocket continue to be orders of magnitude higher.
    Everything Blue Origin does is vastly more expensive to pay for. It's the reason they weren't even considered to be a back-up for NASA's Moon Lander.
    That won't change overnight.

  8. They're both projects by overly rich scumbags using 60 year old ideas and technology that was funded by taxes they got rich by not paying… and I hope they crash

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