Blue Origin sues NASA over lunar lander contract


Attorney Doug Griffith joins Shep Smith to discuss the Blue Origin lawsuit against NASA over a lunar lander contract that was given to SpaceX. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. The missing details. NASA asked for bids on lander that could 'land' with less then 2 tons of items on board, and take off with less then 1 ton. Spacex bid $3 billion with a fully reusable system that could land and take off with 100 tons. Blue origin bid $6 billion (double) with a system that only met the NASA base specs (2 tons down, 1 ton up) with most of the parts being single use. Dynetics bid $9 billion dollars, but it's bid assumed that the Gateway Space station would be there, when that was dropped, their bid no longer had the capacity to land and take off.

    SpaceX won the bid. Blue Origin and Dynetics filed complaints to the GAO which looked over NASA's process and found no major issues, dismissing the protest. Blue Origin file a legal suit against NASA (sealed, so limited details) and the only complaint we really know about is that SpaceX was only going to perform the full review for the launch of the Lander, the fuel depot, and one of the tankers (so 3 full reviews). The tanker part is their complaint. Depending on how much cargo NASA wants them to land, they need more tanker flights (surface of earth to depot in earth orbit, the Lunar Lander launches and pulls it fuel from the depot in one trip).

    The Blue origin plan required 3 flights total. Blue origin is claiming that if they did not have to pay for these 3 meetings, they could have reduced their bid by $3 billion dollars….. and yes, those are meetings were a small group of people to just double check that all of the paperwork is ok.

    edit: I should correct that. Blue Origin lawsuit claim is that if they did not have to pay for those 3 meetings, they would have overcome the $3 billion in price difference AND the fact that the SpaceX solution was 50X more capable. One of the items in NASA's original request was for the providers to explain how they would be able to deliver more than the minimal specs on future missions.

  2. No amount of billions will ever change the fact that Bezos is a total loser. His ex-wife was smart.

  3. The last time we supposedly landed on the moon people were watching 9 inch black and white tv's. LOL

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