Blue Origin successfully launches and lands its New Shepard Rocket Highlights

Blue Origin successfully performed another test launch of its New Shepard system today. Both the New Shepard rocket and capsule touched down safely back at the company’s West Texas facility around 10 minutes after liftoff. The capsule reached about 346,000 feet, or more than 65 miles, eclipsing the recognized boundary of space.

Courtesy : Blue Origin

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  1. Get American school kids involved somehow with this program and ask space x to do the same.

  2. SpaceX rules …all others are just copies 😉
    and sorry but PLEASE, whats the reason for showing SPEED and HIGH still in retarded English middle aged MILES and FEET instead of METER and KILOMETER per Hour ??? Is India still a part of England?

  3. Now thats over, you can replay that again and again for two more years, just changing the date each time. (Hey, I'm just saving money here.)

  4. Well getting to 65 miles doesn't exactly 'eclipse ' the boundary of space. That's the Karman line or about 62 miles, so they squeaked in by 3 miles!

  5. Awesome progress here for space pioneering!! keep up the good work guys and hopefully Space X will be in competition to this too

  6. Anybody noticed that touchdown occurred at a bit more than 3700 ft for the capsule and a bit more than 3600 for the booster?

  7. Yup.. Team Blue your rocket looks like a giant d#@% 😂.. Design cues from nuclear physicist Nadal..General Alladin will be pissed😂😂😂

  8. @ 5:55 she calls the velocity "speed" lol
    and then @ 6:41 she says "still accelerating up", actually referring to the velocity vector, as the ship is really decelerating (accelerating towards the earth)