Blue Origin space flight ticket auctions off for $28m


A seat on a spaceship with billionaire Jeff Bezos has sold at auction for $28m.
Inside the capsule will be Jeff Bezos, his brother, the yet-to-be-named auction winner and a fourth anonymous person.
It will be the first crewed flight by the Amazon founder’s aerospace company Blue Origin and is due to blast off on July 20.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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  1. We need to get more of these billionaires off the planet, preferably to mars & good luck to them trying to repoduce oxygen.

  2. Is either of Bezos's parents still alive? They wouldn't appreciate TWO of their children going up in that thing.

  3. Whoever is paying $28 Million to get a whiff of the vacuum of space and experience a few minutes of weightlessness is a chump. If you're gonna fork over $28 Million!, you deserve to experience at least one orbit around the Earth. C'mon!

  4. I think the 2020 pandemic has taught a lot of people the importance of multiple streams of income,unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security…no rich man or woman made it through salary,investing now will be wise

  5. SPCE SPCE SPCE SPCE SPCE 28 million ticket winning bid…surreal for the space sector.. SPCE to the moon monday not to mention more super news with richard branson and his NEW 3 billion virgin orbit merger

  6. I'm so DISGUSTED! This is most gross display of EXCESS in the faces of the millions struggling to survive below the poverty level. Our country is still feeling from from a deadly pandemic. Average citizens watch the ultra-rich benefit using every conceivable loophole (legal or illegal-mostly through laws they secretly broker through backroom deals/threats etc.) to perpetuate the immense gap between them and the poor. In my state home insurance has increased 33 percent in 2021. The rich are buying up homes/entire subdivisions at 200-300 percent above asking… they're running average Americans out of their homes!! Now there laughing and bragging in my face about $25 million POCKET CHANGE!!!!!

  7. For 28 million, the US could lift thousands out of poverty. The Dems has got to tax the wealthy obscenely. They deserve it.

  8. Meanwhile schools across the planet are chronically underfunded. Services for parents nonexistent. Healthcare is a luxury for many. Mental healthcare a pipedream. Love this dystopia.

  9. IMO paying $28m+ for a 3minutes experience in zero gravity is stupid. You can can start a personal space company with that kind of money… And

  10. Several years back, well before this obviously not fake pandemic, weren't people paying several hundred thousand dollars to Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic for a trip to space? What ever happened to that?

  11. $28m you say,how many people can u help in war torn nations such as Yemen,Afghanistan, and Syria than spending money on things that do not even make sense,you go in space for 10mins the back to earth ,for what??? You could donate that money to hospitals and orphanages HV a caring heart for once!!%%

  12. Honestly, that's just wrong paying that much on the hope that you get to see Jeff Bezos blow up.

  13. 28 millions for 10 minutes in space! It would have been better if you had ended the globe pandemic, before insinuating about colonizing other planets!!
    We hope you all return safely

  14. Human become so bored that they are going to fly to the space…
    instead of admiring the beautiful landscapes of earth below..

    Welcome to the Death Journey..

    This aint gonna end well,
    not until we reach the year of 2050

  15. Al Jazeera the Slave of Qatar govt
    They are spreading wahabi propaganda around the world

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