Blue Origin SHUT DOWN By SpaceX After Losing NASA Contract

Blue Origin SHUT DOWN By SpaceX After Losing NASA Contract.
Between Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, it seems that there is no shortage of super rich men trying to get themselves and their companies into space. Like they do in the world of business, these guys are taking no prisoners and doing whatever it takes to come out ahead – even if it means appealing to the government and fighting one another tooth-and-nail.

This all became very evident recently when Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos fought a major decision by NASA to reward Elon Musk’s SpaceX with one of their biggest contracts yet. Bezos fought as hard as he could, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

So what was this conflict about? And how does it showcase the modern rivalries among space tech companies?

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  1. Blue Origin's Blue Moon project is at major risk of shutting down after losing its contract with NASA. Jeff Bezos has stated they have heavily invested millions into the companies moon project but now this all seems to have gone to waste after their protest was denied once again. Fortunately for Bezos, he has plenty of money to spare but without NASA's contract to help subsidize the moon mission, the project will cost far more than he ever was hoping for.

    Do you think Jeff Bezos will be forced to shut down its Blue Moon project? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  2. What ever, every government in the world will still be riding in, and paying for room in a space X ship if they want to go to the moon and Mars in the next few years. They are just first. That's all.

  3. Did Bozo fail math? 6-2 is still greater than 3. Not to mention that BO is so incompetent that they still can't get into orbit much less to the moon. Grow up, grow a pair Bozo.

  4. Your title is a little off. Reads like Bezos shuts down BO because they didn’t get the contract…. Obviously not.

    But SpaceX is building Starship no matter what. They’re sending five or six supply vessels to Mars in late ‘24 to prepare for astronauts in ‘27. The Lunar starship is just a little something extra.

  5. Awww, you think that doing suborbital tourist flights in an attempt to make money is an impressive technological step in spaceflight? Cute. How about some warm milk and cookies?

  6. 2 facts here i look at Fact #1 only reason spaceX is doing so well is elons running it like a company so they find ways to save money and make things better cheaper and more effiecent

    Fact 2# if these people with alot of money got to gether what would they be able to accomplish like got 3 companys working towards the same goal but because they all want to make money they wont work together but also fact 1 may not become a thing cough cough Nasa spending bugget when they first started up to space X 90million dollar launch per space ship lol and targeted 3million per launch

    Basicaly cause of elons thought process hes leading the space age into a comercial age!

  7. SpaceX is the only one that is commercially viable. But the government keeps giving Bezos and his vaporware contracts.

  8. Cmon we need competition! Bezos would make the best final boss in the space race game 2

  9. Poor Jeffrey can't sue or bribe his way to the ?… ? All Hype and Not a BE-4 in sight!

  10. good , u can trust elon,
    but how can we trust bezos when he cant even look after his own workforce

  11. Bezos & Branson are not even close to competing with SpaceX. Elon has a Harley motorcycle.. the other 2 have pedal bikes. Even Bezos agreed It is not a fair competition LOL, SpaceX is the only viable option. Why don't they take on building a spacesuit, seems NASA needs some help with that.

  12. what a blow to bezos. his ex-wife already cuc-ked him, now the government is cuc-king him hard, too. after all, it's his ultimate dream to build the space society infrastructure.

  13. It's almost adorable that Bezos is (and have been) really considered a part of the space race ?

  14. What happens when your tech is substandard. First time Bezos has actually lost and his money can't buy him back in. Cry me a river. The difference between Elon and Bezos is simple. Bezos wanted to launch himself into space and make everyone else pay for it, while Elon will launch everyone into space and he'll pay for it.

  15. Jeff is a guy who counts his money each evening, Musks is looking at the progress made each day at his starbase and is worried its not fast enough

  16. Elon Musk has space exploration well in hand. All Bezos, NASA, and the rest have to do is keep up.

  17. Agreed, competition is needed. Oh, competition in face of "Bozos"? In this case I would make an exception.

  18. 8:00 ? except that Musk has been sending people to the space station for the last year already and the whole country watched with pride as US astronauts flew from US soil once more.

    Meanwhile a 'space' plane and the most memable ship ever created also took some billionaires for a joy ride 'Woo hoo'.

  19. Blue Origin never had a chance against SpaceX. The smartest move they could have made – that I'm sure Elon was dreading – would have been to offer to do it for free. Simply having their vehicle involved in a NASA lunar mission would have ensured any company a profitable future in space. Bezos figured it out, and tried to recover with his $2 billion discount, but by then it was too late. Life lessons learned.

  20. Bezos has more money than anyone and even after starting two years AHEAD of SpaceX has so far managed to fly one manned flight past 100 km, one time.
    Branson sat on a flyable system for 17 years before he decided to get serious about it.
    SLS seriously is so slow and fossilized that really it should be humanely put down at this point.
    There is no competition for SpaceX from within the USA. China is coming up fast. But they are it.

  21. What the hell is Jeff Bozo trying to do here? He hasn’t even launched a single goddamn rocket to orbit. SpaceX has single handedly gotten the US back into space regularly.

  22. space x was always going to win the competition, blue origin simply cant compete with the direction of space x thats what Elon proposed in the senate hearing a while ago and the congressmen and women agreed.

  23. SpaceX for sure has secret deals with the USA (like the CIA, NSA). This way, SpaceX also locks in the government, preventing other competitors to enter the game.
    If you think that StarLink is for commercial communication only, think again.
    In my opinion, Starlink has the potential to cause so much issues (e.g. china and russia stating they are spied upon), that it can even result in wars.

  24. Bezos is such a poor sore loser who tries to build cheaply for NASA eyes if granted the contract! His “Results” will be build it now test later, until an accident or possibly death happens because of low cost reduction and maintenance, instead of technological improvements! Musk does the opposite he builds it to test it “unmanned” and if a failure occurs, Elon uses the data to make improvements on those deficiencies on its structural and its technology mechanism! Thus making it a lot more safer and reliable during manned missions!!! Haven’t we learned from the past to improve on something you must break it first use the data to fix the problem for a better product!!!

  25. Bezos is such a bloody loser, it's small wonder his blue origin is so far behind space x even though it was created before space x.

  26. After listening and reading plus many years back and in conclusions Elon Musk is a real genius relating to built today and future for Humans we can not take out credits to the rest of the companies they are doing the best but something is missing they need a leading brain like Elon Musk posses.

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