Blue Origin set to draw lucky winner | GMA


The auction is about to begin on who will be join billionaire Jeff Bezos on a trip into space.

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  1. SPCE SPCE SPCE SPCE SPCE 28 million ticket winning bid…surreal for the space sector.. SPCE to the moon monday not to mention more super news with richard branson and his NEW 3 billion virgin orbit merger

  2. Why would anyone want to go where there is nothing 😝and not even only that someone to pay millions and there is small children dying for lack of food and water. Woe not nice people !!!!!!

  3. There's nothing more lucrative than investing in crypto, more Especially in this pandemic

  4. A flat earther would take a ride to space and would blame the window for making the earth look like a globe.

  5. Elephant in the room: none of us can go so nobody cares. Train people who will volunteer to go. Otherwise it’s just the wealthy spitting in our faces and calling it “research”.

  6. Until
    Blue Origin is able to ferry astronauts and passengers past low Earth
    orbit (LEO), $28 million is a ripoff. Perhaps this is how Jeff Bezos
    will secure enough funding to build his O'Neill cylinder in LEO, which
    some estimate will cost as much as $10 trillion–he will never accrue
    this much cash as CEO of Amazon no matter how successful his company
    becomes. Comforting that some of the wealthiest men in the world (i.e.,
    Bezos, Richard Branson, Elon Musk) are pursuing their pie-in-the-sky, pipe dreams while
    doing little to fix the infrastructure/environment on Earth. Don't mean
    to sound dystopian–but I can't help it as both Bezos and Musk are huge
    fans of science fiction who appear to be planning for a post-apocalyptic
    sci-fi future, where the Earth crumbles beyond human repair. That is
    when these billionaire elite plan on bidding adieu to the rest of
    mankind via lifeboat/spaceship ethics. And all this time I was unfairly
    criticizing them for being income tax evaders without seeing the big

  7. Just some more information here︰ SpaceX space tourism project "DearMoon" is a six days trip to the moon while Blue Origin is a 4 Min journey that dont even get into the orbit

  8. Wow, did anybody notice that huge triangle in the clouds? When they're showing the view from space down to earth there's a huge triangle cut out in the clouds. What are the odds of that happening? That's kind of unusual.

  9. The vain imaginations of man…. keeping people from their creator. The show, the matrix , the Babylon system continues at least for now. Escapism is just another religion keeping people from looking with in, admitting their wrongs or their part in it. Always a way out for those who do not want to believe. CV is a great example. It allows us to not face our fears and put the pressure on people who choose not to live in fear. The programming is thick. Always focus on others, blame others, never ourselves. Have fun going to somewhere no one can get to.

  10. Did anyone even put in a ballot. It’s not even a properly proven vehicle it’s a sad attempt at re energizing his product. What kind of moron will spend that for a couple minutes in suborbit. Rather go with virgin galactic.

  11. If he can deliver my packages to the right address, do I want to trust his space travel navigation ?

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