Blue Origin Sending Jeff Bezos to Space! SpaceX Prepares for Orbital Launch! SpaceX News


Blue Origin announces that Jeff Bezos will be going to space on their first manned trip. SpaceX is working on the super heavy booster for its orbital launch. there are more starship happenings in Starbase Texas. All this and more in todays SpaceX news update!


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  1. Here's a question from a dummy… "The boosters methane will be the top tank, right? Then why is the Starship the opposite?

  2. B.O. please send Jeff Who to Space and keep him there, without a spacesuit. Just floating around, actually. Forever.

  3. Is it BN3 or BN2? I’ve heard 2 other you tubers call it BN2, because what used to be BN2 is now test tank BN2.1 so therefore the next booster is BN2? And Elon tweeted that BN2 and SN16 are in the high bay. Can you provide any clarity? I think a lot a people are confused about this right now.

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