Blue Origin REVEALING NEW Desperate Attempt to STOP SpaceX


Blue Origin REVEALING NEW Desperate Attempt to STOP SpaceX
Blue Origin officials realized they were falling behind on their founder’s ambitious aim about three years ago.

Jeff Bezos had long talked of establishing a world-class space transportation enterprise with Blue Origin, even going so far as to trademark the phrase “Build a Road to Space.” Blue Origin, while being over two decades old, had not developed a road to space or even launched an orbital rocket.

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Elon Musk’s rocket company, has established itself as the world’s most dominating launch company. SpaceX was well on its way to launching a record 21 rockets in a single year by the fall of 2018, had unveiled the Falcon Heavy, and was beginning to reuse first stage boosters seriously.

In a late-2018 internal memo, one Blue Origin executive stated, “Blue is kind of lazy compared to SpaceX.”

These were not easy truths to accept for Blue Origin’s leadership. They knew, however, that in order for Blue Origin to become a strong launch firm, it needed to learn from the best. As Bob Smith celebrated his first anniversary as CEO of Blue Origin in late summer 2018, he hired Avascent, a management consulting firm, to examine SpaceX’s strengths and faults.

Blue Origin’s senior leadership team was informed when the firm completed its analysis. Those dozen senior executives took lots of notes. They also wrote down insights from the meeting as well as recommendations for Blue Origin to better compete with SpaceX as part of the exercise. Last year, these nine pages of notes were created and handed to Smith under the title “Avascent Briefing Notes from Senior Team.”

Each portion of the article below features responses from senior leaders responding to a strength identified by Avascent as a strength at SpaceX—or recommending areas Blue Origin may improve. However, they will not publish the notes in their entirety or attach names to individual comments because they are candid and made in private.

SpaceX, according to the consultants, places a major emphasis on client satisfaction, aiming to provide desirable services at a lower cost.

In response, a Blue Origin executive responded, “They have a consumer focus.” “We should do the same. In many circumstances, we consider the customer to be a hassle. This is the case with the LSA (US Space Force), satellite launch for NG, and astronauts for NS (New Shepard). This is a culture that has to be changed.”

During the 2010s, the Falcon 9 rocket grabbed a considerable share of the market for launching satellites into geostationary orbit, according to Avascent. SpaceX accomplished this by selling its Falcon 9 rocket roughly half as much as the market leader in this category.

Customers place a high value on price, as evidenced by one case. The Falcon 9 booster had much lower performance than the Ariane 5 rocket until the mid-2010s. Satellite firms responded by improving the performance of their satellites’ on-board propulsion systems in order to achieve their intended orbits. This enables satellite operators to schedule a lower-cost Falcon 9 launch and delegate more orbit-raising responsibilities to the satellite’s electric propulsion system.

Several officials at Blue Origin wondered what this meant for their company’s powerful New Glenn rocket and potential satellite clients. New Glenn, unlike the Falcon 9, offers much more performance than the current geostationary satellite market requires. Was this design decision in response to customer desire, they wondered?

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  1. Many people compare Elon to Nikola Tesla or Henry Ford. Nikola Tesla fanboys insist Elon is like Thomas Edison. I think Elon is more like the prodigious Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a man of epic energy & engineering foresight. Elon is on his own though, in that he expresses his ambition in so many areas of technology.

  2. Nailed it. BO / Bezos do not have the focus and drive required. If you are getting oppo research on SpaceX, you have already lost the race.

  3. lol blue origin is so far behind and if they don't know that…. well we have a problem don't we bozo…

  4. NonSub comment coming thru, i just read the videos name, with "Desperate" in vid desciption that says it for me, sure it is a hell of a amount of money behind these things, blue is on size and mass wich i take as more of a cargo holder, instead of taking humans to space, and the "to better compete" from @1:00 –> it is all about money wich is sad, ElonMusk is my n1 fan whatever, but much love to Blue Origin, the market for space is limited, they should all unite and remove the old orbital and useless sattelites and debris from earth, imagine companies spending their money towards clearing the sky for their all best instead of wasting them, or 1 failed launch to orbit = 1 of use sattelit from earth´s orbit, so much junk up there it´s even more than airplanes in the sky watching flightradar as we speak

  5. I for one am getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about Jeff bezos acting like a spoiled brat.

  6. Well, at least Amazon saved the Expanse. That's probably as close to space travel as Jeff Bezos will get though.

  7. how to beat space x. fire the beurocrats, and consultants. hire engineers and machinists demand results. prototype test improve repeat.

  8. Most of this info is outdated theres no laid back approach at blue have you not read the leaked emails and staff complaints that seem to be all over the place at the min

  9. Bezos doesn't know anything about rockets. Elon musk has the top engineers and he's a top engineer he's learned from the best. So he knows way more than you think. Bezos needs to just stay out of it trying to prove that he's somebody he is nobody he's just a left-wing hack against everything Donald Trump did to build the best economy in the world and this guy sets back and complains about it but that's a typical liberal they don't have any facts they just want to b** about everything which is what he's doing can't stand the guy I wish you'd get lost he could join biden's team so it would just be one more people in his administration that everybody hates cuz they're trying to destroy this country. I would never buy anything from Amazon because of this idiot

  10. I don't get you Americans. You have two of the wealthiest individuals on the face of the earth creating US companies that will take humanity to the next level in space. Yet you ride on Jeff's case so hard while most nations don't even have a space program or anyone to idolise quite like these two. These two giants of industry will change humankind in more ways than none. No matter what you think of Bezos he will still engineer New Glenn next year and it will still be formidable. But instead of being grateful for such a moment in history you've turned this into a two horse race. Picking sides like it's the goddamn play-offs. Shame on you. You should be so lucky.

  11. I think Bezos needs to do a gallows walk. There's something extremely slimy about him.

  12. Don't be so "hard" on Bezos, he built the world's biggest and everyone watched it get the edge of space. Aliens watch out !!! Bwahaha

  13. blue is happy and content getting people a few feet into space so what is the problem with him. I do not shop on Amazon any longer because of that and have found the there are other places to buy things

  14. Hey Bozo, let's us know when you orbit Earth. Until then, your just an expensive amusement ride.

  15. Space X seems far ahead of Blue Origin but it is kind of cool private companies are doing the work NASA could not do.

  16. Bezos is extremely jealous of Elon! The real problem is that Elon is a genius, and Bezos is a Bozo! Elon is everything Bezos could never be.

  17. The only way Jeff Bezos will ever be able to build a real rocket is if SpaceX buys him out. You know it, I know it, anyone with half a brain knows it. Prove me wrong.

  18. It appears BO has hired a damage control consultant to mitigate the damage and polish their image if the past 10 days are any indication.

  19. So many space x channels with click bait headings and out of date or wrong information.
    Youtube would make even more money if they charged for ignoring channels.

  20. Jeff Bezos: Our company motto: To badly go where SpaceX and everyone else has already passed.. no, scratch that; to baldly go where where everyone has already been. Our 16 minute mission: to seek out new life and new civilisations in suborbital flight.

  21. NASA and Blue Origin think the road to space is a series of naval gazing staff meetings instead of hard driving engineering quickly following vehicle failures with a rapid solution deployed.

  22. Says a man spending billions just to get in to sub orbit barely with his male sax member rocket 🤣

  23. Elon is in it for the science he went to congress to fight for the right to compete against the major defense contractors of the U.S. government. Bezos has two dimensional thinking similar to a narcissist focusing only on elon and spacex which begs to answer the question what his true intentions are.

  24. That is the problem… He is teying to beat Elon and not trying to reach a dream… But Elon is pursuing a dream so…

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