Blue Origin Readying Passenger Flights to Space


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  1. Plz change the fucking thumbnail of your face 😔

    And yeah the wallpaper behind you on led panels 😏

  2. No they’re not that excited to go to space. I heard they’re not as good as the other space agency.

  3. This is a sad day, just to let you know, Blue Origin is WAYYYYYYYYY behind SpaceX… and 100km… well, wow, barely worth it, and the descent… well, its a free fall in a capsule, landing roughly and in the middle of nowhere… only the booster will land back to base.

  4. send flat earthers on the ride and they will still claim its fake. just like if jesus came back and said the bible is fake christians wouldnt believe him and crusade him to death

  5. we can't even make a vaccine that works let alone think about shooting people into space for a holiday!

  6. WOW impressive,with blue origin you'll go straight up and come right back down, in the meantime spacex puts people in orbit and has already put SUCCESFULLY 2 crews in the iss, blue origin is really pushing the boundaries i'm impressed.

  7. Look for the video "Mannequin Skywalker Blue Origin" on youtube and watch the trip to the edge of space from within the capsule with high def sound and all. It is amazing. I felt like I was in the capsule and I can say I went up there and came back. Really cool.

  8. Until one of these blows up mid air… To create several minutes of a zero gravity plasma fireball of human remains! 😏

  9. Elon and Bezos are NOT competing with each other.. yet. New Shepard is an ant compared to the capabilities of the Falcon 9. When New Glenn launches, then they will be competing.

  10. SpaceX charged ahead…got some big money and exploded alot of successful launchs…spaceX was the hare, in that old fable the tortoise and the hare. Blue Origin, however, was steady and patient…taking each step with deliberance…without all that money being wasted on explosions. I'm ready to see what they've come up with.

  11. Who is driving it Alexa, that seems to be a big bluetooth speaker in the middle of the capsule

  12. Hi what about the pollution that it creates and every individual pay for it by inhaling it

    Still it is exciting

  13. And finally, the flat earthers will have something that even they themselves cannot deny . . . . proof!

  14. passengers:Yesss finally
    when they reach space: mistakes were made shitt I'm bored af and I have to stay in space for so long

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