Blue Origin Ready To Challenge SpaceX


Blue Origin gearing up for major massive expansion of its facilities in Florida, with clear aim to become major player in space launch business from 2021. Blue Origin hopes to compete with SpaceX for lucrative NASA contracts and Artemis program which will see manned return to the Moon by 2025.

  1. Next video on Thursday night, if you liked this video, please press like and subscribe. Blue Origin seriously expanding in florida, right next to SpaceX facility KSC.

  2. Thank you for uploading. I had the opportunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Memorable experience. I posted a pretty cool montage of the trip to my page.

  3. NASA pays 3 different organizations different amounts to achieve the same objective??? That's like going to 3 MacDonald's for the same meal but at different prices??

  4. Blue Origin is competition to SpaceX as much as Rivian to Tesla.
    It will probably happen, but it's NOT ready!

  5. Looks like Blue Origin is also going for an LCH4(LOX 2nd stage, but an LH2/LOX 3rd stage for interplanetary insertion or other operations well beyond LEO.

  6. I will believe it when I see it. I’d be very surprised if any of this will happen by 2021.

  7. While I do not doubt that Bezos is anxious to underpay his employees in Amazon fulfilment centers in space, I have yet to see anything of a hint that they can actually put any meaningful cargo into a meaningful orbit. They have a flying phallus, a mock-up moon thingy and a flight unproven engine.

  8. BO needs to play a big catch up.
    Q: as of today, how many ORBITAL flights happened on Blue Origin vehicles?
    A: Zero
    Q: Any orbital flights planned for 2020?
    A: No
    Q: How about 2021?
    A: Maybe
    Compare the above with SpaceX's record.
    These being said, I do believe that BO is going to become a serious and important space operator, eventually. I would say in 5-10 years. And if BO is to follow Bezos' other company, it's probably hard to predict how BO is going to expand, transform and reinvent itself over the next 25 years. Remember, Amazon started as a book seller.

  9. This is great stuff. On a personal level, I'm not a huge fan of Bezos myself . Although his company 's ( Amazon's success and customer service ), are second to none .

    However , the more ( competent ) private companies involved in outer space , the better I say !

    I'd like to compare today's private space competitions , to the early days of the motor vehicle industry . First, there was only Henry Ford's model T. Later came Chrysler , Toyota , etc. Same with aerospace passenger jet industry .

    So, I think Space X has a nice lead right now , which will make them the premier player, for years to come .

    But outer space is unlimited . Likely , many new resources / uses , will soon become available. And innumerable opportunities , for various companies, to specialize and bid on contracts . Or simply go it alone , for a few years etc.

    This is not even taking into account , huge new advances in engines/propulsion systems. Which could make all of the current players , obsolete .

  10. Blue origin not on spaceX level just yet. Even Boeing is having a hard time keeping up. Boeing got the same contract as spaceX and failed hard, then managed to get an extra 100 million from nasa for not being able to keep up. Elon was pissed

  11. "another major space company"
    then goes on talking about BO… hahaha…

    BO has been around longer than SpaceX and has achieved… sending Mannequin Skywalker into space, barely, on a bottlerocket. Oh, and they presented a mockup of a moon lander (several of which should fit in SpaceX's moon lander, that is already in the prototype stage)
    And they built some nice buildings to construct their rockets in… though you can do that for the most part pretty much anywhere in open air, or so it would seem 🙂

  12. in 2008 (if i remember correctly) Elon said he'd launch Falcon Heavy by 2013. It actually flew successfully only in 2018. Rocket science is well actually rocket science. So i highly doubt these plans and projections. I think that when they develop these rockets through testing they find out things they need to address or fix as they go. So like the other poster said, being 'ready to challenge' dnt mean shit until they put something in orbit.

  13. Talk to me when Blue Origin puts a payload in orbit OK. No hate, I'm just saying. I hope Jeff builds Island One and goes on to populate the asteroids, but he has to make it to LEO before I consider him a player.

  14. This competition between American companies as well as lighting a fire under NASAs ass are the driver that will keep America ahead of China so China cannot set up infrastructure on the moon first and claim it as Chinese territory. The Chinese believe the moon has been Chinese territory since ancient times, look it up. Don’t think they’ll cause a problem? See Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and most visibly the international waters of the South China Sea; where China created artificial islands to set up artillery and militarize. The world NEEDS anyone that’s not China to get there before them.

  15. lol the blue poop jeff bozo thing has not even orbited earth yet?
    copies everything spacex does? talk about the truth of the matter and dont polish his knob, bezoz the copycat bozo

  16. Blue origin showing us graphics…while space x is making deliveries to the space station…

  17. If Jeff bezos is serious about completing for the market share that space x had keeping the public out of the loop is a big mistake. Public relations and excitement is one of the biggest thing driving musk and his team, even despite the failures spacex transparency has created hardcore fans no one cares about blue origin.

  18. Imo BO is doing too little too late. When starship is operational there will be no use for rockets like New Glenn.

  19. I didn't follow Blue Origin (BO) too closely, mostly because they're super slow in doing stuff, compared to SpaceX. I'm not even sure BO has the same goals, considering their slow pacing. It will surely be exciting to see more private companies flying rockets to the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, but most of them are really slow. I don't know when BO plans to reach at least the LEO, let alone higher orbits and the Moon.

    Anyway, I wish them luck in pushing things faster, because watching rockets is a lot of fun, and the more, the merrier. 😀

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