Blue Origin Postpones William Shatner’s Space Flight Due To High Winds


William Shatner, star of the original “Star Trek,” is getting set to blast off into space for real in a Jeff Bezos Blue Origin ship. The flight is now set for Wednesday after a delay due to high winds. NBC’s Tom Costello reports for TODAY from West, Texas.

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  1. When Blue Orgin reached about 50,000 feet they ran into some severe turbulence. This disturbed William Shatner deeply, so he took command (naturaly) and barked out the order "RED ALART, SHIELDS UP!"

  2. Sad 2 c that old age doesnt make u wiser Klimatechange ie superconsumption This 90 nyears old videolegend Star Träck ? Captain Kirk What areth thou us citizenzz? Stupid or just like killing? Raaather low Dr T European Scholar

  3. Never happened anyway , poor CGI and zero footage from the capsule.
    As fake as it gets .
    Shatner you Fraud

  4. Amazing to see William Shatner do this at age 90 !!! Captain Kirk, a real officer and gentlemen. There is another
    thing that I take from his comments. This blue planet with its thin athmospheric cover protecting us, is so valuable.
    Therefore I like Jeff Bezoe's vision of eventually moving most dirty manufacturing and mining processes to space
    and the moon. We now have the option that one day our earth can become a real "Garden of Eden".

  5. Gratified to see that he is going to the FINAL FRONTIER. Im amazed that he was destitute in America. William Shatner?! but he is from Canada. How?

  6. Earth is flat there is no space to go to. Of they floated 3 min. The earth's supposed rotation would move them 40 – 60 miles away from launch pad take off.

  7. I just watched them touch down and sat bawling like a baby as Mr. Shatner talked about his experience. I was 8 yrs old when Shatner played Capt. Kirk in 1966. I never thought we would be able to reach the stars.

  8. Our country is in chaos, our republic crumbling, supply chains broke, oil and gas doubled and we're taking uber wealthy joy rides into space?

  9. This is a joke right? They get taken up on an amusement park ride and brought back down. I think the term "going into space" is used loosely here. LOL. Trip to ZERO G can be done in an airplane.

  10. When Shatner is coming back down everyone on the ground should put on planet of the apes masks. That would be freaky.

  11. Shatner does not look or act like he's 90. Even with that belly he looks to be in great health and fully alert about his surroundings. Go Kirk!

  12. In Star Trek, everybody had healthcare, housing, food, and education. I‘d be more excited about Shatner in space if it started with that.

  13. “Risk… risk is our business. That's what this starship is all about. That's why we're aboard her.” – Captain James Tiberius Kirk

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