Blue Origin partners with space industry giants to create lunar lander


CNBC’s Morgan Brennan reports from the International Astronautical Congress where Jeff Bezos has announced his partnership with other space industry giants to build a lunar lander for NASA’s Artemis Project.

  1. These milk maids won’t make the moon before 2028. Spacex will already be there to give them high fives.

  2. The Woman Bezos was talking to when receiving his award is the basically the German Jim Bridenstine.

  3. It is shame that US DIDN'T ISSUE VISA to prevent Chinese to attend the conference! How NARROW MINDED THE AMERICA IS!

  4. I Am sorry. Blue origin has proved nothing till now except some slide shows. Elon has a better answer for moon landing. The STARSHIP. NASA AND THESE GUYS ARE JOINING HANDS AGAINST A MAN OF DESTINY MR.ELON MUSK! AND TRUMP SEEMS TO BE BEHIND THESE VENTURES AS ANY IDIOTS LIKE ME CAN SEE THROUGH. I hope he losses the election And paves the way for the world supporting MR. ELON MUSK !

  5. As I Know, all Chinese space companies and China national space admin are NOT allowed to join this named “international” congress. It just sounds as joke.

  6. 2024 to have the moon orbital platform and a lander ready to go means they need to be finished planning and into development of all these parts by now. SLS won't be ready for a first unmaned launch untill 2021 or 22.

  7. Hey loser! pay your fecking taxes! I pay more taxes than amazon and jeff bezos put together. jack ass

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