Blue Origin NS-14: New Shepard launch and landing, 14 January 2021

The New Shepard reusable launch system was launched from and landed at Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in West Texas, on 14 January 2021, at 17:18 UTC (11:18 CST). The crew capsule for the mission has been upgraded with several communication and safety features for the passengers and one of the six seats was occupied by Mannequin Skywalker. NS-14 is the first mission, launch and landing, for this New Shepard launch vehicle.
Credit: Blue Origin

  1. Great achievement.
    But this video allways reminds me of the Quest Aerospace Exosuit Test scene, from the first Spider Man movie.

  2. Seems to me they´re waisting a lot of fuel on the liftoff as well as on the booster landing. Is there a reason why it´s waiting so long for the release / hovering that long?

  3. Blue origin can’ barely make it land on the land pad right on the edge while falcon 9 a lot bigger can land dead center in the middle of the ocean long way to go blue origin no wonder nasa true Spacex more when they have got 3 programs going at once and still doing better than you

  4. I'm a SpaceX fan, but it is good to see healthy competition. This will keep everyone sharp and productive because it is imperative that humanity becomes a space-faring species.

  5. I don't think I'll feel comfortable with the way it lands though. I'd rather land in a plane like Virgin Galactic does

  6. all the spotlights are on Spacex, but Blue Origin is doing a serious job, he is closer to real space tourism than Virgin galactic

  7. What kind of madman uses imperial for rocketry? Do they not know what happened last time someone try that?

  8. Blue Origin isn’t comparable to SpaceX. But it is a respectable company in this industry nevertheless. It deserves some respect at least.

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