Blue Origin New Shepard self-landing rocket launch with 38 research payloads (5/2/2019)

Launch site: Blue Origin West Texas Suborbital Launch Site
Destination: Suborbital flight and self-landing
This was the 11th New Shepard mission. It carried 38 microgravity research payloads to space.

New Shepard specs
New Shepard is the world’s first rocket to land propulsively after having been to space (past the Karman Line). They beat SpaceX’s Falcon 9 by 1 month, back in 2015.
Height: 18 m (59 ft)
Diameter: 7 m (23.9 ft)
Type: Suborbital (straight up, straight down)
Max altitude: 389,846 feet (73.8 mi; 119 km)
Stages: 1
Engines: 1x Blue Origin BE-3
Thrust: 490 kN (110,000 lbf)
Burn time: 110 seconds
Fuel: LH2 / LOX (liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen)

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Outro video clips courtesy NASA and SpaceX

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  1. Eu amo tecnologia…vamos que vamo mais um passo para a humanidade….parabéns astronauta de todo o planeta…..vocês são os melhores

  2. Oyes youtube los primero 5 segundos de despegue el sonido que produce dice la atmosfera me ahoga

  3. As big of a Space X fan that I am and even though they have different goals utilizing different rockets , I have to say that this rocket flys much much smoother and APPEARS to be faster on take off