Blue Origin | New Shepard NS-18 Launch & Landing


NS-18 is the second crewed New Shepard flight, carrying 4 paying customers.

Credit: Blue Origin

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  1. What about global warming?I guess to some it's ok for science,seems somewhat ironic.Especially because it's science involved,don't forget science was involved with 2000 plus atom bomb tests,check it out alot of old video tests,unless your scared of the truth.

  2. What a flop!! Hundreds of thousand of dollars just for a six minutes ride. You do better at SpaceX for 3 days ride.

  3. The booster landing is what impresses me the most..Its absolutely perplexing to me to see what humans can actually accomplish when we put our minds to it…

  4. That is so cool Godspeed Captain James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise blue origin that is awesome🚀🙏👍

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